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Having a baby in high school - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss the causes and effects of conceiving a child at an early age i.e. having a child when a student is in high school or early college. Conceiving a child at an early age is one of the most serious challenges facing the education sector and which need to be well understood and addressed…
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Having a baby in high school
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Download file to see previous pages Whereas the causes of conceiving a child at an early may differ slightly from one geographical, social, cultural, and economic context to another, they largely remain similar in all contexts. The first cause that contributes to conceiving a child at an early age is lack of parental guidance (Arai 31). Social workers, teachers, and psychologists have pointed out that most people evade talking about sex with their children. The situation is even worse in some cases as some parents provide false information about sex and fail to encourage their children to take part in any informative discussion regarding sex. As a result, teenage girls are not well educated regarding the subject while in school or early college and this leads to early pregnancies. Early conceiving of a child has also been attributed to the adolescent sexual behavior where peer pressure among the adolescents is cited as the major factor that encourages the teenage girls and boys to engage in sexual activities (Wong and David 26). It has been observed that early dating, which starts as early as 12 years of age; and pressure by peers for one to indulge in sexual activities with their partners has been cited to contributing greatly to early pregnancy. Various studies have shown that about 30 percent of teens at any given time are pressurized to have sex, and about 33 percent of teens are sexually active and engage in sexual activities quite frequently (Caldas 402)....
Various studies have shown that about 30 percent of teens at any given time are pressurized to have sex, and about 33 percent of teens are sexually active and engage in sexual activities quite frequently (Caldas 402). Inadequate knowledge regarding safe sex has been said to be another cause of conceiving a child at an early age (Wong and David 99). Most teenagers tend to be unaware of safe sex and the importance of engaging in safe sex. Most of them probably do not even have access to the traditional pregnancy prevention methods. The main reason behind this situation is that they either fear to seek information about safe sex or they are too embarrassed to do so (Farquharson and Mary 34). This argument is supported by the fact that over 80 percent of teenage pregnancies are not on purpose. Another cause of his problem is exploitation by older men – there is a high likelihood for girls dating older men to get pregnant before they achieve womanhood. Sexual exploitations and rape are often reported in relationships involving teenage girls and older men this leading to cases of unwanted pregnancy (Arai 68). The final main cause of conceiving at an early age is socioeconomic factors. Several studies have found out that teenage girls who belong to poor families are more likely to conceive at an early age. This is because they are likely to be involved in relationships where they are sexually exploited in exchange of money or they will simply lack information about sex due to lack of exposure (Cherry 22). Conceiving at early age is a pertinent issue that has serious effects on the life and future of the affected girl. One of the effects of early pregnancy is medical complications. According to medical research, pregnant teenagers are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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