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Analysis of the agency,social work - Research Paper Example

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YOUTH IMPACT Name: Institution: Youth Impact Youth Impact is an international organization that is aimed at empowering the youths and giving them a chance to contribute to the well-being and development of the society. It entails bringing youths together so that they can harness their minds to bring positive changes in the world (USAID: From the American people, 2012)…
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Analysis of the agency,social work
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Download file to see previous pages The group is made up several young people who had the same vision for our area. Everyone in the group understands and cares about the society since we are inspired to drive meaningful change, promote peace and prosperity. Furthermore, all the members of the Youth Impact agency were eager to use their knowledge and skills towards helping those people who are in need. The Youth Impact agency took part in several activities within my community. For instance; we took part in visiting children homes and home care centers for the elderly in order to wash their clothes and take good care of them. We invited speakers in our area and called upon all the youths to attend the public lectures in order to be taught on leadership skills and tendencies, we took part in community-clean up exercises in order to make our environment clean, we also mentored young children in order to help them grow into responsible and hardworking citizens. Additionally, we attended peace forums and joined other youths in agitating for global peace and peaceful co-existence among people from different ethnic groups and backgrounds (Bers, 2011). All these activities empowered me as a person since I came to understand the problems people face in the society. The fact that I was part of the solution to the problems also strengthened me since it made me understand the significance of doing things for the good of the society. During the entire time that I volunteered at Youth Impact, I met several people with whom we worked together towards restoring sanity to the society. The meetings, conferences and, lectures gave me an opportunity to meet youths from all works of life. We exchanged ideas, shared stories about out cultures and even made friends whom I still interact with up to now. The organization’s main focus was to maintain high standards of ethics in society. In this regard, it worked hand-in-hand with other agencies and organizations which had similar missions. For instance; the community-based groups creating awareness on HIV/AIDS prevalence, environment-related lobby groups, church groups advocating for behavior change among youths, and even NGO’s serving various areas of the community collaborated with Youth Impact. In case there was a major event that needed the attention of the youths, the organizations and agencies mentioned above allowed their members to take part in the process. In this regard, the community projects that needed numbers always succeeded. The Youth Impact agency that I volunteered in is an affiliate program of USAID. This implies that the majority of its fund comes from the United States government. The government takes pleasure in funding the organization since it plays an integral role in empowering the youths into becoming better citizens, as well as polish them into becoming efficient leaders of the future (USAID: From the American people, 2012). Additionally, the government acknowledges the work done by youths through these programs in improving the nation and making it better for people to live. The Youth Impact organization also gets funds from donors, NGO’s, and well-wishers who appreciate the god work done by the organization. These funds are marshaled into one pool for use in conducting the activities of the organization. For instance, when the organization wants to conduct a clean-up in the city, they use part of these funds to buy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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