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Running Head: ANALYSIS OF YOUTH IMPACT CENTER IN OGDEN, UTAH Name: Tutor: Course: Date: From a theoretical perspective, concept of welfare delivery systems derives its operational principles from the larger systems theory. In this context, systems theory postulate that component aspects of a given environment interact and depend on each other…
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Analysis of the agency( youth impact center),social work
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Running Head: ANALYSIS OF YOUTH IMPACT CENTER IN OGDEN, UTAH From a theoretical perspective, concept of welfare deliverysystems derives its operational principles from the larger systems theory. In this context, systems theory postulate that component aspects of a given environment interact and depend on each other. According to Smith (2007), this concept relates to existence of an open system whereby elements inside the system acquire their necessities from outside their environment, and utilize them for the benefit of their system. The theory acknowledges existence of different parts of a system in any given environment. The system relies on one concrete independent element, which serves as a unifying factor. In the process, relevant sub-systems come together and interact around the central element. Systems theory is applicable in numerous academic and professional fields including both the natural and social sciences. In this essay, welfare delivery system features as an example of a unit applying systems theory principles in its operation. Different parties interact with each other in order to achieve common goals of a given social system. In actual practice, welfare systems comprise of formal and informal groupings within the society. Marla (2013) says that these groups seek to provide social support and general wellbeing for underprivileged members of society. In my practical session of social work delivery, I participated in social support delivery services as a volunteer at the youth impact center in Ogden. In the process of service delivery, I appreciated application of numerous theoretical concepts I had learned in class. This analysis evaluated the structure and operational qualities of the youth impact center. This serves as an illustrative instance in appraising the role and effectiveness of welfare service delivery systems within actual social settings. Ogden youth impact center is an organization committed to providing social, physical and emotional support to children and teenagers around the city’s neighborhoods. The center’s main aim is to develop healthy relationship between the staff, who play the role of secondary care givers, and the teenagers’ population. Youth population receiving social support comprise of members from different cultural and social backgrounds. In this regard, these children have diverse range of problems in their lives. Typical social hitches among the youth population include poverty, drug addiction, negative peer influence and parental abuse, among other issues. Staff providing direct social care service and clinical services also come from different social backgrounds and religious inclinations. In this case, I can say that social diversity features as one of the most pronounced aspect within the facility. In the process of service provision, I could appreciate the fact that cultural diversity facilitates promotion of cultural tolerance. According to Marla (2013), this serves the purpose of enhancing development of social skills among members of that facility, especially the youth receiving support. With respect to theoretical concepts, cultural diversity requires individuals within that environment to possess appropriate skills and values. These values serve as factors to foster development of positive relationships between interacting parties. In an effort to ensure prevalence of civil mannerism and cultural tolerance, the center’s management provides new volunteers with a brief orientation of the organization’s values. In the process, I learned that social values and ethical standards feature as key requirements of professional conduct of staff members during service delivery. We were encouraged to demonstrate a great deal of emotional maturity and sensitivity to other people’s problems. According to Marla (2013), ethical standards served as guidelines for social interactions. Each staff member in duty should attentively listen to minor’s problems, and provide objective responses to those issues. We were encouraged to take into consideration opinions and desires of the youth victims in administering care programs. In this case, we would give attention to aspects of informed consent during treatment exercises. Apparently, professional obligations of social workers emphasize that acquisition of informed consent from care receivers promotes principles of social ethics. As a social system, Ogden center utilize efforts and services provided by numerous parties from the surrounding environment. With respect to provision of physical safety and wellbeing within the center, one physician named Christy Tolman serves as a food and nutritionist for the youth population. He develops appropriate diet and supplementary requirements meant to address the physical needs of the youth population. Interested nongovernmental organizations like Daniels Fund and American Dream foundation plays a significant role in provision of logistics meant to facilitate efficient service delivery within the facility. Apart from professional physicians and funding agencies, the center depends on volunteer services from concerned members of the society. Smith (2007) says that integration of efforts from all these parties leads to creation of a social system meant to address the social needs of youth within the facility. Within the center in subject, I participated as a direct service worker. In the process, I learned numerous virtues which enhanced my skills as a sociology student. I gained significant experience in developing sustainable social relationships with other members of the society. According to Marla (2013), communication serves as the best means of achieving constructive interpersonal bonds. Service provision within the facility required considerable efforts in listening to problems facing the youth population. It needs time and patience to acquire reliable information concerning a child’s problem. In this case, I would usually try to capture and differentiate between facts and opinions during conversations. In the process, attentive listening enables me to formulate an objective and suitable response to the victim at the end of a conversation. This really enhanced the nature of interpersonal relationships I developed with both the youth and fellow staff members during the volunteering period. I as volunteer within the organization, I had to appreciate the fact that being a social worker may not be an easy job. It requires one to willingly give services, expecting little or no return at all. In this case, I developed an appropriate mental attitude for the challenging working condition characterized by no proportional compensation. Within the facility, I appreciated the fact that those in need of social support are underprivileged member of a society. According to Marla (2013), these individuals, especially the youth at the center are dealing with economic or financial related issues. This means that they are not in a position to provide monetary compensation for the services they receive. In the process, I was able to develop an appropriate attitude for social work by dealing constructively with reality within Ogden centre. Reference List Marla, B. W. (2013). Social Work and Social Welfare: An Invitation to Volunteering Services. Pittsburgh: Routledge Publishing. Smith, S. (2007). Applying theory to Policy and Practice in Care Management. Indianapolis: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. Read More
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