Unemployment as a great social problem - Essay Example

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Unemployment is a common problem in many countries of the world currently.Employment is considered a means through which people get to acquire social and financial security.Through employment and the money gotten through it,person rise to occupy some status in the society…
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Unemployment as a great social problem
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Download file to see previous pages Unemployment is a common problem in many countries of the world currently. Employment is considered a means through which people get to acquire social and financial security. Through employment and the money gotten through it, person rise to occupy some status in the society. This ensures that employees are in a position to secure their needs and to attract others who depend on them.The needs of people are met mostly through monetary power a person may have.Mostly,people get this money through employmentThe issues of unemployment deprives the affected these privileges and social opportunities. This circumstance leave the people affected under a lot of pressure to sustain themselves as well as their dependents. In some countries, the unemployed within a specific age bracket are given by their government some money as unemployment benefits. These benefits serve to reduce the intensity of the effects of the pressure posed to these people by unemployment. In this work, I will look at the issues that surround unemployment as a major social problem. I will analyze the issues that indicate unemployment as a problem to the people as well as those issues that serve as a consolation to the unemployed. Towards the end of the work, I will give my opinion about my position regarding the issue of unemployment. I believe that unemployment is a greater problem both economically and socially. This is because the issue does not only involve the people who are unemployed but also the people who are working to sustain the unemployed....
Unemployment does lead to social exclusion. This means that in terms of distribution of social resources, some individuals are left out. This means that the people who lack employment are not only victims of lack of basic needs but also are incapacitated in becoming competitive in obtaining resources that could empower them. Once these people lack means to empower themselves, they become a liability to the society. These people extend their dependence to other people who could be employed and earning. In this way, these people become a burden to the society which is forced to provide for them. When the nation is left at that position, the working population is over exploited. This is because they are pressured to produce for their use and for the people who depend on them. This exclusion affects the issue of consumption of cultural materials within a society. In essence, unemployment makes a person to fail to enjoy the provision that the environment offers to them. The unemployment causes social segregation in a harmonized society (Sucur et al. 27). Unemployment has the same effects like poverty as it forms components of social exclusion and isolation. Employment and unemployment places people in different social status which mostly makes the people rarely to work together. This shows that unemployment is not as a small social problem as it can be perceived (Sucur et al.32). Unemployment should be looked at from the perspective of the other problems that come in association. In this way, its place as a social problem will be clear. This is because these effects are hardly separable with unemployment. Examples of such problems include health, long-term harm to the lives of children and social division. These problems are not easily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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