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Ethics, Morality, Individual and Professional Conflicts - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the slippery slope of ethics, morality, and reasoning when the discussion eliciting their true meaning arise which are the significant terminologies to the society. The paper also seeks to know if the age and gender influence moral reasoning…
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Ethics, Morality, Individual and Professional Conflicts
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Extract of sample "Ethics, Morality, Individual and Professional Conflicts"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Ethics, Morality, Individual and Professional Conflicts" examines the question if there are materials and landscapes focusing on the ethics, morality and individual conflicts in individual and professional life.
Ordinarily, business comprises groups and people where over time ethical and moral factors prevail irrespective of personal or business circumstances.
Through history, DeGeorge cites five business ethics evolution stages: religious and theologically motivated; changing mores and free-thinking; global unpredictability, conflicts and rise in the level of communications global impacts, sophisticated society and use of technology; rapid change in the above.
The change in personal mores and standard business practices have changed with time, through trends indicating increased influence in what is generally acceptable or not. Problems of a rapidly fast growing technology are in the interconnection of instant communications where the idea of business blurs stems from olden times to the current age. Four spheres for executives are provided by Badaracco who reiterated about looking for the morally correct paths to be followed and at all times. The paper produced by Badaracco indicates the difficulty of this discourse. One suitable example of the problems people or businesses regards as morally acceptable are drug. These drugs preferred for pregnancy and termed ‘morning-after’ pill are associated with follow-on abortions which are literally chemical abortion....
Four spheres for executives are provided by Badaracco (1992) who reiterated about looking for the morally correct paths to be followed and at all times. The paper produced by Badaracco (1992) indicates the difficulty of this discourse. One suitable example of the problems people or businesses regards as morally acceptable are drug, RU 486. These drugs preferred for pregnancy and termed ‘morning-after’ pill are associated with follow-on abortions which is literally chemical abortion. Pro-choice advocates emphasize that the pill epitomizes safety and civilization and a solution to reject pregnancy. However, pro-life advocates term it as morally evil ‘tool’ that abets abortion. It is known that society consists of two moral compasses: those favoring pro-choice and others prefer pro-life approaches. They rely on their perspectives and actions where one can be acceptable or detestable morally. This puzzle is demonstrated in diverse circumstances and also in a myriad of cultural activities. This deviation or interpretation spectra give rise to massive challenges. According to McDonald (2010), the spectrum relates to ethical relativism against ethical absolutism. The issues arising here is whether some things are relative and wide in interpretation as opposed to others that are fairly absolute. For instance, reprimanding for killing another person is a rule acceptable morally to the masses. However, historically this has been a focal point of standard and acceptable behavior. This is evident from the aftermath of genocide resulting from conflicts in Africa and Eastern Europe in recent decades. According to Lewis (1985), ethics engenders formidable paths for contemplation in application of graphical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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