Age Discrimination within the Health Care System toward the Young and the Elderly Patients - Research Paper Example

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This paper declares that the elderly are the backbone of the society, yet they are poorly treated and are discriminated while seeking health care. Ageism, is a wide spread practice among the Americans- it affect over 50% of the household in American with older people…
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Age Discrimination within the Health Care System toward the Young and the Elderly Patients
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Extract of sample "Age Discrimination within the Health Care System toward the Young and the Elderly Patients"

Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that the term age discrimination and ageism are interrelated in one way or another. Ageism is an altitude of the mind that may lead to age discrimination. The term is used to refer to the stereotype and the prejudice held about older people. Age discrimination on the other hand, refers to action whose outcome may be assessed, measured, and compared. It refers to the behavior where either older people are treated unequally- directly or indirectly- based on their age.

This essay discusses that ageism is a set of belief that relate to the aging process. It generates a fear and denigration of the ageing process and stereotyping the assumptions regarding competence and the need for protection. Particularly, ageism legitimizes the use of chronological age mark out a category of people who are systematically denied the opportunities and resources that other people enjoy. Ageism is a broader term than age discrimination. It includes deep-rooted negative beliefs about older people and the process of ageing, which in turn brings about age discrimination. Some authors view age discrimination as the sub branch of ageism. Ageism has three main components namely- behavioral component (discrimination); affective component (feelings) and cognitive components (stereotypes and beliefs). Any unjustifiable difference treatment based on the age is age discrimination. Age discrimination may be direct or indirect. Direct age discrimination occurs when a direct difference treatment based on age cannot be justified....
Direct age discrimination takes place where people with comparable needs are treated differently based on their age (Whitley 120). Whereas indirect discrimination take place where people of different age groups are treated in the same manner, the need of an older person not being fully met. Other writer has distinguished ageism from age – differentiated behavior, considering ageism to be based on stereotype and prejudice where as age- differentiated is based on a properly developed understanding of difference in age. Therefore, Ageist behavior is because of the stereotypes, prejudice, and stigmatization. However, the age differentiated behavior is a function of the age of the target person, based on the understanding of the development and thoughtful recognition of difference in age. What element in the society promote ageism Ageism prevails and continues to rise in the society that lacks the following basic requirement: 1) A comprehensive national health insurance and pension system. In this condition employer, confront the high cost that increase as worker grows older by restraining from hiring and retaining old workers. 2) Secondly, in the absence of lifelong continued education that promotes development of new skills that meets the requirement in the job market, in this it become difficult for old workers to acquire the necessary skill (Todd 130). 3) In the absence of proper national health promotion and disease prevention program and adequate investment in behavior research, condition like dementia and frailty result among the elderly resulting in avoidance and uneasiness about old age, reinforcing stereotypes. Ageism is also seen in a society where member of society are constantly stereotyping the elderly, in a society that refuse to accept ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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