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Differences In Education Between The Blacks And The Whites - Research Paper Example

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The right to education is one of the fundamental rights. The paper "Differences In Education Between The Blacks And The Whites" explores the inequalities the outcomes of contemporary education among the blacks and whites, in relation to historical practices, policies, and approaches…
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Differences In Education Between The Blacks And The Whites
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Extract of sample "Differences In Education Between The Blacks And The Whites"

Download file to see previous pages Indeed, it is agreeable that there have been disparities between the whites and the blacks groups for quite some time. These disparities have been described as the legacy of colonialism. Colonization processes are associated with profound consequences on the colonized societies. These have been witnessed in various societies. For instance, colonization saw Africa evolve in various ways, shunning their social, cultural and political culture to adopt new ways of living. In the same way, in Australia, colonization has seen aboriginal societies transform in various ways. Such transformation, which has been as a result of colonialism, is what may be simply summed as legacies of colonization. The responses of the aboriginal people to the legacies of colonization can be best elucidated in terms of social, economic and political positions.
One way in which to ascertain social changes is by focusing on the transformations on the families, as a basic social unit. Indeed, in the industrial, as well as a post-industrial society, most scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists have inclined focused on family units. The legacies of colonialism have imparted various changes on the blacks families. The colonial legacies have not only seen blacks families transform in the structural sense, but also in the way the aboriginal families have to play the roles. Despite the fact that colonial legacies have been widely appraised for being associated with positive developments, this is nonetheless so for the case of blacks communities. Colonization has been cited as the most powerful forces that destroyed the lives of the blacks communities in the world (Boyes77). Waves of violence that broke out in the frontiers saw many blacks people dispossessed, as well as traumatized. Colonial legislations displaced black people from the reserves, separated husbands and wives, as well as separated children from their families. It is this form of dispossession that saw cultural relationships destroyed and land dispossessed. These developments also saw the black communities detached from the political processes and economic and religious autonomy. The colonial systems ended up forbidding rites of passage, and imposed other rules that saw the black people lose freedom. Men and women from the black communities have been raised ion environments filled with trauma, violence, low-self esteem, role confusion and substance and drug abuse. On the other hand, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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