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How has education changed for the black community since 1963 - Research Paper Example

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How Education Has changed for the Black Community Since 1963 Undeniably, education plays an important role in the building of a nation. It determines employability from the skills learnt in school. In the US, there is a big difference in earnings between the learned and the non-skilled workers, which explains the income inequality in this country…
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How has education changed for the black community since 1963
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"How has education changed for the black community since 1963"

Download file to see previous pages The Americans referred to them as Negroes and worked as servants in their houses and farms. However, there existed no law to protect the Blacks, which made Massachusetts to take advantage and pass a statutory that declared all Blacks as slaves and forbid intermarriage with the Americans. This brought inequality in education among other aspects that the Blacks fight for to date. The big question one would ask is, if there are any changes that have occurred in the education for the blacks since 1963 after passing of the civil rights. Civil Rights After Abraham Lincoln took over the presidency, he abolished slavery but this did not mean that Blacks had equal rights with the Whites. It was until the year 1963 during the biggest ever demonstration in the history of America with about 250,000 people that segregation ceased a bit. It resulted in major gains for the blacks in education, social life, politically, legally and economically (“FAQs” web). In the year 1964, an act was passed that outlawed discrimination in public facilities. In addition, an anti- poverty law that ensured equal employment rights to all Americans and voting rights act were passed (“FAQs” web). Before this, there were diverse schools for the blacks and others for the whites and no white would join a Black school or vice versa. With the passing of these laws, racial segregation of public schools was unconstitutional and any black or White child had a right to join a school of their choice. Besides the fight yielding equal educational opportunities for the blacks, it attained curriculum provisions. For the first time in history, curriculum included courses that taught the history of Black Americans as well as their contribution to the Americans history, the fruits. However, this did not last long because the Whites sent their children to private schools, reducing the prestige of public schools. The quest of inadequate education is not yet over since most Blacks cannot take their children to private schools. Does Racism affect Education Today? Black segregation remains, which has affected the education systems to date. Although decent housing is a basic right in America, many black Americans have to put up with poor housing because of unfair treatment. Some of the Black Americans can afford better housing but racism and bending of the law blocks them out. Therefore, they have to join their poor counterparts and rent houses in the ghettos with poor neighbourhoods. Apparently, housing is a major cause of educational differences between the poor and the rich. It is clear that the Blacks and the whites live in distinct neighbourhoods and thus attend nearby public or private schools. This has fostered differential treatment between the black schools and the Whites schools, reducing young Blacks’ chances to quality education and good jobs. For instance, a visit to a well-off public or private schools will lead to spotting up-to-date textbooks, computers, VCRs, and numerous curriculum activities to round out their education. On the other hand, public schools in the inner or poor estates use old textbooks, old equipment, and no special programmes. In the places where the whites and the Blacks attend the same schools, either race hangs around with those of their own (Wilmore web). Other Neighbourhood Challenges In addition, living in poor neighbourhood ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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