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Fraternity and Sorority Hazing - Essay Example

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This paper will begin with the statement that a sorority is a group of female students in a University or College institutions. Hazing is an acceptable behavior that usually stems up from these groups which is mostly because of peer pressure and influence…
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Fraternity and Sorority Hazing
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Extract of sample "Fraternity and Sorority Hazing"

Download file to see previous pages The present paper has identified that hazing is a deviant social behavior in the society since mostly it is associated with the negative side effects in the society. Several pieces of research conducted indicates that most students participating in hazing and sorority consumed large amounts of alcohol which is a negative social norm in the society. Other behaviors with negative side effects associated with sorority and hazing include participation in sexual harassment. There is also a forceful interaction and association with specific people and not people of one’s choice. Racial discrimination and ethnicity are among the deviant behaviors that surround those students in sorority and hazing groups. Chances of humiliation are high in sorority and hazing groups, which is a deviant behavior in the society. Cases of putting on specific kinds of clothing are part of sorority and hazing functions, which still falls under negative social norms in the society. Cases of negative contribution to the society due to hazing and sorority are not exhaustive but the above-mentioned are useful in this discussion. However, several scholars have undertaken research and documented their findings showing that hazing and sorority do not only lead to negative behavior but also results in positive outcomes due to strong social and cultural interaction. This paper looks at both the quantitative and qualitative traits used in conducting research on hazing. The dependent variables used in reviewing this research paper include the relationship between hazing and sorority with cognitive development. Another dependent variable is strong socializing skill development in relation to hazing. There is also a strong correlation between hazing and civic engagement. Culture and race is a dependent variable in relation to hazing indicating a strong coefficient. A study conducted in universities and US colleges aimed at investigating the extent to which hazing influences the behavior of students. The research also aimed at offering solutions based on the response of the data collected. The research also includes other surveys and studies already done in finding out the impact of sorority and hazing in the society. According to Debard, half of the students on campus who are in groups such as teams, clubs, and organizations experience hazing. Another finding is that hazing is a phenomenon that is occurring in ranges of students and not only a cross-section of students. Another interesting hazing finding indicates that alcohol, sex, Isolation, sleep deprivation, and humiliation are some of the most common hazing practices amongst the students in the campus. Findings indicate that most of the students are much aware of hazing meeting places. Meeting places such as rooms are well known and most of the students confess about avoiding such places for fear of humiliation. A good population of students confirms that administration, coaches, and alumni students are aware of the hazing problem in institutions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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