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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Final Project: Case Study The movie, The Hunger Games, highlights twenty four young adults influenced to battle with each other until all of them die. In addition, these fighting contests are converted into a show being aired live on television…
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Final project: case study
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Download file to see previous pages Both the movie and the book illustrate biological and social basis of cooperation, compassion, and empathy. The idea of humans as deeply connected and caring are not only wishful opinion on the side of the writer of the works which set the foundation for the movie (Suzanne 6). This paper will analyze the work, Hunger Games, in a sociological way. The Hunger Games is created in a future setting. The creation takes place way after famine natural disasters, diseases, and wars have damaged the society. The nation of Panem arises from the wreck of North America. This nation is made up of an influential administration reigning over thirteen different districts. These thirteen districts do not approve the repressive rule of the administration, and they all rise to rebel against the administration (Suzanne 22). The effects of the rebellion are damaging. The Hunger games highlights a number of key issues, they include; social connection is more powerful than power and independence, Murdering is against the nature of humans, power moves from emotional and social intelligence, not viciousness and strength, individuals are motivated to assist others, not by numbers or reason, but empathy, and finally, wealth makes people less considerate. First, social connection is more powerful than power and independence. ...
There is a similarity between the lives adults have established for the young population and the Hunger Games world (Suzanne 41). Teenagers have not only been largely deserted by adults, making them have a feeling of alienation, but they are also entangled in an unpleasant activity that sets them in opposition with each other. Socially, this is not the normal conflicts among young people that have been in existence for long. Instead, this is a conflict within young people to win, to succeed, and have better lives than their colleagues. The battle among young people to be successful than their colleagues is evident in emotional health, dance competitions, entry into college, in athletic fields or any other competitive events. Second, Murdering is against the nature of humans. The prospect of death is terrifying, the hero and skilled hunter, Katniss. Nonetheless, the most terrible concern involves the requirement to murder other people. Katniss dismisses Gales question on whether she knows how to murder. She is occupied with fear at the notion of killing another person. Katniss is filled with guilt and attempts to cover the body of a girl she has murdered. Socially, Katniss may be presumed not to be the exception, but the rule (Suzanne 45). In addition, human nature gives human beings a virtuous rationale to be positive about human nature. Human nature asserts that a large percentage of human beings are hesitant to murder an individual from their species, regardless of the circumstance. Sociologists have argued that human beings are designed for interactional solidarity and entertainment and this reduces the chances of humans being violent. Third, power moves ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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