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St.Clare's housing program - Assignment Example

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St.Clare's Housing Program is a project that is geared towards providing resources for children living with HIV/AIDS through housing and support.Population served:HIV/AIDS and homeless B.Concerned with psychosocial polices concerning sexual and drug abuse…
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St.Clares housing program
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Download file to see previous pages St. Clare's Housing Program is a project that is geared towards providing resources for children living with HIV/AIDS through housing and support. I. Population served: A. HIV/AIDS and homeless B. Forensic Practice in the Human Services A. Concerned with psychosocial polices concerning sexual and drug abuse B. Interns should be competent in sexual and drug abuse policies V. Change Overtime A. More commitment to its core principles Conclusion St. Clare's Housing Program St. Clare's Housing Program is a project that is geared towards providing resources for children living with HIV/AIDS through housing and support. This outfit was started by Terry and Faye Zealand in 1987 when it admitted its first child. This couple (Terry and Faye Zealand) had met this orphaned child with Aids when they had a tour of Children’s Hospital AIDS Programs (CHAPS). They had been cherishing a dream of starting an organization that would cater for orphaned children suffering from AIDS. In its inception, the program was called St. Clare’s Home foundation which was based in Elizabeth. Later in 1988, it opened another branch in Jersey City and later opened another one in Neptune in the year 1990. During that period, St. Clare’s Social Services and the Housing Program were started in 1989 and 1993 respectively. In the first two years of operation, the foundation was involved in the provision of caring services for orphaned children. The growth of the children’s support and services as well as their families led to the purchase of Haller house on 176 Roseville Avenue which effectively became the administrative nerve center of St. Clare’s Social Services. Much later in 2002, the Academy Street Firehouse was acquired which has aided the foundation to undergo instrumental growth. It has currently purchased 40 units of housing which were renovated and rented to its intended clientele who may own the houses after several years. The mission of this project is to provide resources in order to help children with HIV/AIDS. The setting was very comfortable within the Fire house and the staff was very nice and helpful during my internship. As such, the reason why I chose to apply to this program for my internship is primarily because of my current job which deals with housing (ARFC 1). My impression of this program is that many individuals need it especially those that have become desolate in life and are on the verge of giving up. The main issues that are dealt with in the institution are assisting people with HIV/AIDS. This being a charitable organization, it mainly depends on donations from well wishers in order to help further its noble cause. The NASW’s (National Association of Social Workers) code of ethics directly relates to my internship in this program because it assists people dealing and coping with the HIV/AIDS illness. The clients housed on this project are under a tight watch and must adhere to the rules and regulations of the program in order to benefit from affordable housing as well as other services that are offered. The program is usually run under the auspices of Aids Resource Foundation for children. I learned from an interview that I had with the housing director (Grier 1) that St. Clare’s HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People with Aids) used within the housing department because it was thought that their clients were being discriminated against by prospective Land lords. Although the name of the foundation is Aids Resources Foundation for children they are not limited to just serving children but families, women and men are also served. Population Served The general population that is targeted by this program is the homeless people living with HIV/AIDS. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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St.Clare'S Housing Program Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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