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Should Drivers of Automobiles Be Prohibited from Using Cellular Phones - Essay Example

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The essay explores the prohibition of cell phone use by drivers as a widely debated issue with people having divide opinions about the ban. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been made to reduce the number of cell phone-related road accidents that have been on the rise in recent years…
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Should Drivers of Automobiles Be Prohibited from Using Cellular Phones
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Extract of sample "Should Drivers of Automobiles Be Prohibited from Using Cellular Phones"

Download file to see previous pages The author of the paper states that the NTSB has strongly voiced against cell phone use stating that taking a call or texting is not worth a human life. The board maintains that using mobiles while driving, even with the hands-free devices, is definitely a source of distraction to the drivers. Following this recommendation, several companies are strongly advising their employees against the use of cell phones and about 20% of the Fortune 500 companies have banned its use and many others are introducing new cell phone policies. However, despite these strong protests certain groups have maintained that there is no concrete connection between using mobiles while driving and road accidents as drivers who are prone to crashes may do so irrespective of whether or not they are using the device. Apart from cell phones, the driver could be distracted by other sources such as speed driving, engaging in a conversation or driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that would affect the concentration. Posing a mere ban on using cell phones cannot bring down the accident rate unless the public is educated about the risks associated with inattentive driving. Arguments in favor of the ban The NTSB has quoted studies which have found that drivers using cell phones while driving are more accident prone compared to the non-engaging drivers. With the advent of hands-free devices, smartphones and other similar gadgets, the probability of distracted driving is only greater. However, the NTSB is not directly proposing a federal action to be taken against such drivers, but it has recommended that all the states within the US introduce laws and regulations that ban the use of cellular phones by automobile drivers. Reports from the National Safety Council state that of the 5.4 million car crashes in the US during the year 2010 about 1.1 million cases involved drivers who were conversing on the mobiles during the time of the accident and about 3% of them involved drivers who were texting on their mobiles. While most states have already implemented a ban on texting while driving, some have banned the use of all hand-held phones. The use of hands-free has still not come under any regulation and the NTSB wants states to also address this issue as it believes that engaging in any form of conversation while driving is a source of distraction that could have a negative impact on the driver’s concentration. Several companies are also following suit by implementing policies that ban the use of mobiles while driving. Owens Corning which is situated in Ohio has put up signs that urge employees to refrain from taking business calls while driving as it believes that when there is a potential risk to life it is not wise to engage in conversations over the cell phone. The National Safety Council, which is a non-profit advocacy organization, has stated in its report that about 20% of the Fortune 500 companies have implemented a complete ban on the use of cell phones and this number is only increasing with several more companies adopting policies on the use of cell phones while driving. Further, the council has also recommended a complete ban on the use of mobiles including the hands-free operation as it was found to be no safer than the hand-held devices. One of the earliest companies to introduce such as ban was Shell International which introduced the ban to reduce fatalities among its employees and contractors due to cell phone use while driving. In addition to advocating the ban the company also strictly enforces the policy which could even result in termination of the employee if not followed. The company has policies in place even for business trips during which drivers can take rest stops to make return calls on their mobiles.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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