Policing the homeless: An evaluation of efforts to reduce homeless-related crime - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this research was and is to generate knowledge on whether “Main Street Project and the SCI” were effective methods in reducing crimes linked to homeless persons. The researchers attempted to prove it through their empirical examination of “place-based policing” strategies…
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Policing the homeless: An evaluation of efforts to reduce homeless-related crime
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Extract of sample "Policing the homeless: An evaluation of efforts to reduce homeless-related crime"

Download file to see previous pages ??place-based intervention” to reduce crime. They conclude that the approach yielded positive results and it did not result into crime displacement. The research type was an explanatory research method through systematic observation and analysis of “place-based policing” strategies. This is so because the authors of this article explained how police used their geographical approach to reduce crime using data from police divisions and thereafter drew their conclusions from that analysis. However, the approach was more “restrictive in testing the hypotheses” in a sense that they focused on one particular group of people (the homeless) without making a holistic measurement of both the dependent and independent variables. This means that it was probably intended for future “quantitative research hypotheses.”...
imes” and the role played by “Main Street Project and the SCI.” However, this over generalized quality of explanatory research is inaccurate and Illogical because the dependent variables were not tested or measured with the independent variables (John MacDonald & Richard Berk, 2010). The sample The population sampled was the homeless people and how they contribute to nuisance, violent and property crimes. The Sampling frame was drawn from police divisions in Skid Row and other adjacent ones that dealt with ways of reducing the crimes among homeless individuals through demographic policing. This was a systematic sampling technique because it dealt with a spatial group of people, the homeless persons. However, it was over generalized and illogically biased in a sense that the police divisions sampled including the comparative information from other police divisions presented an “8 years of time-series data serving as the observations” for reducing crimes thus, leading underutilization of data. As earlier noted, whereas the dependent variables were properly utilized, the independent variables were not adequately tested in this sample. This was a probability sampling method because it dealt with a geographic area of Skid Row in Los Angeles with specific emphasis on crimes rates among homeless people. Therefore, this sample was not appropriate for the research because it was too general (John MacDonald & Richard Berk, 2010, P.4). The Hypothesis The research question was whether “place based intervention” by police through “Main Street Project and the SCI” was an effective policy in reducing violent, nuisance and property crimes in Los Angeles? On one hand, the dependent variables are the violent, nuisance and property crimes in Skid Row as it was applied ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Policing the Homeless: An Evaluation of Efforts to Reduce Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/sociology/1462273-policing-the-homeless-an-evaluation-of-efforts-to-reduce-homeless-related-crime.
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