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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Sociological Theories and patterns of health in different social groupings The different groups in the society have health patterns depending on age, gender, geographical location, and social classes. Due to the different living conditions among individuals, we conducted a research to monitor on the health patterns depending on time, and it affects the lives of people creating a gap between the two different groups…
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Sociological theories and patterns of health in different social grouping
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Download file to see previous pages The different environmental factors within us may lead to deteriorating our health or may improve our health conditions (CIA, 2010:213). We also checked on how the different gender strengths expose individuals to vulnerability of individuals. 1. Patterns and trends in health and illness among different social groupings Health inequalities among individuals of a certain age sets, different ethnicities like among the Africans, the Asians, and Europeans were noted during the research. Other differences also were on the different social classes and economic capacities. There were higher chances of contracting diseases among the poor compared to the rich who had access to better health services due to their financial capacities. The poor could not afford standard health care service and medication, and hence this increased the mortality rates. We concentrated on the different health patterns among individuals in different locations and on the vulnerability of contracting illnesses due to gender. In order to plan on the provision of health and social care services we also collected data in statistical figures., For the geographical setting, I worked on Nigeria in comparison to the United Kingdom (CIA, 2010:227). Women in U.K. and Nigeria were noted to have higher chances of contracting diseases and dying at an early age while the men remained strong a bit longer. Well-resourced areas had employment opportunities, earning its citizens incomes and hence promoting affordability of health services and other primary necessities. Thereby, the strength that men possessed helped them earn more assets and finances compared to women. Women earned less than men, and they could own remarkably few belongings in comparison to their men. Sociological explanations have emerged on factors of health care in argument that, an individual’s health depends on social ideas and values. During the research, we realized that the media has a role to play in enhancing peoples’ health conditions. During the research, we checked on the role of different bodies in different geographical settings and their strategic actions in enabling health status. The media educated the people on the need for healthy living, and practices to prolong life expectancy and reduce health complications such as heart complications, obesity, and hypertension that come along with poor feeding habits. The government ensured that its citizens get easy access to health centers for medication and advice on health factors. The government and society in U.K. formed groups for educating the masses on good feeding habits to avoid obesity cases. According to The Central Intelligent Agency (2009: 448), in United Kingdom, they have industrialized methods of production that only requires trained personnel for operation and has high levels of output. The individuals in U.K. did not engage in so many strenuous exercises sparing them from over exhausting their bodies. This was unlike the condition in Nigeria where the country is in its process towards development, and with less mechanization, the people of Nigeria had to take a role in exhausting manual work. This exhausted the men giving them less opportunity for reproduction and due to the poor incomes worsening ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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