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Sociology in Life - Essay Example

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The paper “Sociology in Life” seeks to describe how sociology can be regarded as succinctly relevant in the prediction and understanding of my own personal, professional, and academic life. In the paper, the author will discuss two topics that include culture and socialization…
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Sociology in Life
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Download file to see previous pages The present essay has identified that culture entails some aspects in society such as customs, language, norms, values, rules, mores, institutions, products, as well as technology among others. Institutions encompass cultural meanings as well as rules, which may be associated with certain activities taking place in the social realm of society. Institutions present in a culture range from the smallest institutions of the family to other complex institutions such as education, work, religion, as well as healthcare (Kalman, 2009). Some of the concepts of culture include social organization, economic systems, and symbols. Social Organization Social organization details the social structure that organizes the members of a society into small units with the ultimate aim of meeting basic needs. Some of the basic units formed through social organization include family patterns and social classes. In culture, the family can be regarded as the most fundamental unit used in the social organization. A child learns how to interact with other members of society through the family. In my upbringing, my family has played a crucial role in instilling in me norms of acceptable behavior. I have also learned what society expects me to do and my role in society through the family. A family may either be a nuclear family or an extended family; a nuclear family comprises of the husband, wife, and children while an extended family may consist of generations living together (Jenks, 2002). This concept has particularly been helpful in helping me understand the role of the family and the expectations placed on each of its members. The social organization also encompasses social classes, which rank people in accordance with the status they hold in society (Jenks, 2002). This concept has helped me understand the basis of social stratification in society, as well as the various social classes and statuses that people hold in society. Economic systems The concept of economic systems refers to the ways in which people utilize limited and scarce resources in society in order to meet their needs. This concept comprises what people should produce, how they should produce it, and the target market of the finished goods. In cultures that depend on a traditional economy, people engage in the production of the commodities they need for survival. For example, they may carry out activities such as hunting and gathering as well as livestock keeping and crop farming. The market economy comprises of a scenario where there is selling as well as buying of services and goods. A command economy is where people do not have a lot of economic power since the government controls both the production and distribution of goods and services. A mixed economy is where both individuals and the government have a shared responsibility in the making of economic decisions. This concept helps me understand the modes of production present in society (Kalman, 2009). The concept of symbols As a cultural concept, symbols refer to objects that remind people belonging to a certain culture the beliefs and rules of their culture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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