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[Submitted to] [Subject] [Date, Month, Year] Gender Socialization is the most important aspect of human life through which an individual learns about himself and recognizes his gender. According to sociologists there is a very basic difference between the two terminologies; gender refers to the learned social norms and expected social behavior by the society such as masculine and feminine where as sex refers to biological classification of a person as male or female (Anderson & Taylor 2012)…
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Download file to see previous pages It is the sex category of a person that later transforms into a specific gender because the society wants to mark a difference in male and female therefore they build up certain expectations that being a girl I should act in this way and being a boy he should act in that way. Gender construction is done to distribute jobs, responsibilities, resources, etc. Judith Lorber in "Night to His Day" explains the gender construction and its socialization. In her essay she says that after categorizing a child as male or female sex does not play any role until maturity but in the meantime gender construction takes place which teaches an individual the expected behavior by the society from his/her sex. She further says that once the gender of a child is developed through naming, dressing or any other gender identification then the child responds in the similar way referring him/herself as the member of that particular gender. Hence at puberty they represent their sexual and social behavior as embed by their genders. The gender is socially constructed by one’s experiences, consciousness, relationships and the specific ways that we associate with males and females i.e. masculinity and femininity. One thing is quiet noticeable today that the gender roles are changing, men are seen spending more time in child care as compared to the past and women are seen more in the corporate and professional fields. Yet there are still some societies existing in the world who are maintaining the association of males with masculinity and females with femininity. The process of gendering is highly influenced by religion, values, social norms, etc. (Lorber 2012). It is purely defined by the nature that whether you are a man or women however the distinction and expectations attached to it are defined by the society, its culture and values. Imagine that suddenly you have got a chance to change you gender how will you react then? You would have to change if not all then ‘almost’ all of your personality traits such as your dressing style, communication style, hairstyle, etc. at the same time you will face drastic changes in your social and economic conditions. If you have turned to a male from female so now you can enjoy increased salary, power and more respect, if you have turned to a female from male then you would have to face harassment, emotional and financial instability and a lot more because all of these things have a very close association with your gender rather than your biological sex. CONCLUSION I am a girl and I am often sensitively treated by my parents. I wonder if they had a boy instead of me how they would have treated him. Surely they would have treated him according to the expectations of the society that it associate with the masculine gender. It is not the female sexuality that needs protection rather it is the femininity that people provide shelter. It is the matter of perception that we have about genders such that this gender must perform these responsibilities and the other should not. The ideas, roles and expected behaviors that the society attach to a particular sex give rise to its gender construction and hence parents protect their female children ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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