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Canadian Society Newspaper Research Assignment Introduction The use of sociology for explaining the national policies of states is a common practice. In fact, sociology can help to reveal the actual willing of legislators when promoting a particular rule. At this point the following question often appears: how would the social ethics and practices of a nation be combined with a particular sociological framework so that appropriate assumptions are produced?…
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Canadian Society Newspaper Research Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Still, it has been proved that such efforts are not welcomed by all parts of the population, at least those social groups that are differentiated from the majority of the population in terms of specific sociological characteristics, such as language and culture. An article published recently in National Post is used for explaining the sociological aspects of languages spoken in a specific part of Canada: Quebec. Effort is made to identify whether differences in languages spoken can affect the social life and national identity of local population. The sociological aspects of language in Quebec, Canada Sociology is closely related to the social ethics of each society. In fact, the concept known as ‘ideological congruence’ (Breton and Breton 30) reflects the following fact: ‘values and ethics in a specific society influence the ways in which sociology is practiced’ (Breton and Breton 30). This means that sociological concepts can vary depending on the local ethics and culture. The above fact needs to be taken into consideration when evaluating the sociological aspects of language in Quebec. ...
According to a more detailed explanation of the development of sociology in Quebec, Fournier notes that in the particular region three different periods related to the development of sociology can be identified: a) the pre-1939 period, where emphasis is given to the ethnic characteristics of the region (Harrison and Friesen 65), b) from 1940 up to 1969, where sociology focused on the ‘transition of Quebec from a traditional to a modern society’ (Harrison and Friesen 65) and c) from 1970s onwards where reference is made in particular to the distinctive characteristics of the region compared to other regions of Canada; due to these characteristics, Quebec is also known as ‘a sociological nation’ (Harrison and Friesen 65). It is due this period, from 1970s onwards, that the national identity of Quebec is shaped (Harrison and Friesen 65). In this context it would be rather difficult for certain theorists to identify all sociological aspects of social issues related to daily life of Francophones in Canada. For Quebec, the above issue would be quite important: the use of sociology for explaining the sociological aspects of language would be possibly problematic due to the lack of sufficient material to support the relevant arguments. The linguistic trends of people in Quebec could be understood by referring to the study of Langlois (1991). The above researcher highlights the changes in regard to the linguistic stratification among Francophones in Quebec (Langlois 211). Indeed, it seems that from 1935 up to 1964 a significant part of the population started to use language not just as a linguistic characteristic but also as an indicator of ethnicity (Langlois 211). In other words, for Francophones in Quebec, language has become a tool for indicating their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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