Deviance: Norm Violations - Essay Example

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Deviant Norm Violation (Name) (Name of Institution) Deviance is the violation of norms includes anything that falls outside what people and society perceive as normal. Moreover, it is any behavior, belief or condition that violates significant social norms in the society or group…
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Deviance: Norm Violations
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"Deviance: Norm Violations"

Download file to see previous pages The violations are generally not considered as stern but may result in one to be viewed as odd besides being avoided. This is because customs may be violated without serious ramifications on the particular culture involved. During the early times in the Middle Ages when religious paradigm prevailed, deviance was regarded as a religious disorder and sin attributed to satanic influence. Firstly, I went to McDonald’s restaurant to have a meal with some of my friends and I was overdressed. While at the restaurant something happened that those who had accompanied me to the restaurant did not notice. A mother and her daughter entered the restaurant and I immediately established physical eye contact with her. She had average height, black curly hair and looked like she was eighteen years old. She stared at me and capped it with a smile as I also stared at her. This lasted for a while, though my friend whom I was with was busy enjoying his lunch and paid no attention to what I was doing. Though eye contact is considered normal I was deviant in the sense that I was transfixed on her and also lack of etiquette on peoples privacy. Having eye contact is necessary sometimes if you want to send a certain message to a person. When somebody is looking at you and you, in turn, end up being transfixed on someone, it is considered as a clear indication that communication signals have been sent. The recipient of the message is the one who is tasked with the work of trying to unravel what the eye contact and the smile meant. Though eye contact passes a message that would otherwise not have been passed, it considered odd sometimes. The use of eye contact is crucial in society as it forms a basis of passing confidential information even at public places. According to Alder, deviance takes many forms and in sociology it had its attention directed at the mental instability, behaviors, attitude, and affiliations to sub groups, social stigmas, crime and finally the abuse of banned substances not . Deviance is not a characteristic associated with somebody but it is made to look in a certain way be gaining support of the social institutions and beliefs. Race, class and gender may not be classified as someone’s individual characteristics but they are supported by the social ideologies and social institutions. Certain behaviors have over acts that are considered as deviant. This may include as in our case violating dress or speech conventions, kinky sexual behavior and dressing. Therefore, these results to people casting you as a deviant label for the over acts you are engaged in. The way we dress is sometimes seen by as way to express our class in the society. Consequently, class results in creation of disparities in the society. Here the use of eye contact to suggest some messages to people is basically on how we make our social judgments. This is because people possess certain stereotypes regarding on how we interpret body languages. People in the society are sometimes against the use of body language like the use of eye contact to communicate because it is seen as a way to promote explicit sexual messages. This emanates from the perception that the users of this behavior are either engaged in criminal activities or are not morally and ethically upright by engaging in homosexuality, lesbianism and prostitution. This is because these groups have formulated symbolic signals, publications or any other symbol that they use to proclaim their identity. The first time I was in company of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The author states that deviance is considered negative for the society, but the functionalist theorists have a different perspective of deviance. Functionalist theorist believe that deviance helps in strengthens the society and members of a society learn about what are non-deviant and deviant behaviors due to occurrence of deviance.

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Deviance theory proposed by Durkheim has two concepts. Deviance is mostly part of society. Secondly, its natural and any cultural society must practice a form of deviance. The connection is that acts like swimming are natural and acceptable in society. At times, people deviate from swimming and find pleasure in other things like drinking alcohol.

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