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Family Structure Family Structure Part A Several family types have been realized by theorists over time and again. In prior years family was seen as an institution that concentrated on brining up of children…
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Family structures
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Download file to see previous pages Functionalist theorists provided the idea of extended families in which parents, grand parents and children live together and grand parents and parents contribute to the economic activities of the entire family (CHEAL, 2008, p.2). Several couples who are joined together in a relationship through marriage or without marriage have taken up the option of creating childless families in which two couples live together without rearing children (CHEAL, 2008, p.2). Families have even been divided in accordance to ethnicity, for example Asian families that are even regarded as extended families but this kind of families is rare among Asians who live in Britain (MALEKOFF, 2004, p.278). These families are created due to marriages that are arranged in nature and divorce is expected to be taboo in these families. Another form of ethnic family is single parent family, even recognized as African-Caribbean Families where one of the parent lives with the child and in major cases, it is the mother who controls a single parent family (MALEKOFF, 2004, p.278). Families created due to death of one of the partners is recognized as singleton in which either the male or the female partner is no longer alive (MALEKOFF, 2004, p.278). ...
dered as an institution required for the creation of a family that raises children, it has been replaced with cohabiting family type in which two partners live together without going through the process of marriage. Functionalist theorists give preference to nuclear family type because they believe that such families are important to conduct the act of rearing children and they teach the next generation about how it should be done (ENGLAND, 1993, p.115). Nuclear family is even necessary because they teach children about the norms and values of society which helps children to gain acceptability in their society during their early ages and adult live stages. According to conflict theorists, family is one of the causes of inequalities in societies, this happens because children who come from wealthy background gain better education and life style than children who come from economically walk family backgrounds (ENGLAND, 1993, p.115). Feminists approach even states that family is the cause of inequality where different roles are expected from different members of the family, for example: mothers are expected to raise children and fathers are expected to conduct the act of bread earners (ENGLAND, 1993, p.115). Part B Chester noted that in Western nations, marriages that used to take place between individuals who were in their early stages of life are on a decline. Such events have been witnessed in the societies of Sweden, US, UK and Germany and other nations have followed (DNES, 2002, 229). Several reasons for the decline in marriage have been experienced and researched; the first reason is the increase in alternative relationships that are replacing marriage. One alternative to marriage is cohabitation, this is a term used to denote those relationships that are created ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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