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Sociology of Food - Essay Example

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United States and the European Union have the highest number of immigrants. Immigrants in the United States have an effect on the American cuisine. That is they are helping shape the national identity of the American citizens…
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Sociology of Food
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Sociology of Food

Download file to see previous pages... United States and the European Union have the highest number of immigrants. Immigrants in the United States have an effect on the American cuisine. That is they are helping shape the national identity of the American citizens. That is the reason Pizza and French fries are part of the American cuisine despite the fact that they come from Italy and France respectively. In accordance, diversity of the American citizens is creating diversity in the consumption of food. This diversity is part of the American national identity. Despite immigrants contributing to American cuisine, the culture of American to eat junk food assimilates them into the society creating a uniform national identity. Studies indicate that when immigrants come to the United States they take up junk food because of affordability and so that they can fit into the American society (Fox 21). Research indicates that it only takes less than six years for the average immigrant kid to be at a risk of obesity like a child born in the United States. This is an indication that food does play the part in integrating the immigrants into the American culture. In accordance, it does not matter the diversity existing in any given society, the food consumed in such cultures will assist in creating a national heritage. The United States and the European Union are an example. The culture of the American society to eat junk food is creating a national heritage despite the diversity that exists. Q. 2 Currently, restaurants are trying to enhance gender roles. This is a response to the current trend in the society. In the United States, the culture of eating out is increasing. This is because of the significance it has in enhancing gender roles. When a couple is out on a dinner, the expectations of the society are that the man did ask the woman out. In accordance, they will pull the chair for the woman to sit (Belasco and Scranton 71). The courting process of the modern society includes eating out with the spouses for the completion of the process. Food is at the centre of the process. The food that people will eat when they are out will depend on their age and social class. Restaurants are trying to enforce these gender roles as a response to the society. In accordance, they have cuisines that are specifically for a couple that is eating out. Part of the cuisines will be for the woman while the other portion is for the man in the couple (Mennell 51). This is the reason that restaurants have become popular in the United States among couples. Men will have a feeling that they engage themselves in the activity there will be amplification of their roles. On the other hand, restraints will amplify the feminism of the woman through gender roles. In addition, women will serve cuisines that are feminine while men serve masculine cuisines. Q.3 It is possible to use food in the process of building social relationship and networks. Food and food customs can also be applicable in excluding others. Various societies around the world consider not knowing how to eat properly as the status of an outsider. This is relative depending on the region. Classes within a society exclude themselves using table manners. They have their unique way of preparing food, cooking it, and serving that food. The way of eating also indicates if an individual is from that society. In Japan, tea ceremonies are for experienced individuals within the society. In western countries, it is possible to spot social climber through their inabilities of mastering the art of eating. Issues like using the wrong folk are things that indicate that an individual is an outsider. To integrate into a group, individuals have to eat with that group. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology, on the other hand, is a scientific discipline that studies the society systematically. Sociology ideas can be successfully transposed to other contexts since they are determined after testing the beliefs against acquired evidence (Giddens 3). For instance, to demonstrate this point we’ll talk about a commonly accepted view about women who contract HIV.
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The learned behaviors define identity and position, giving a child a sense of who they are in relationship with who they are with in the world. The social networks that are made throughout life extend the power of those interactions allowing for needs to be fulfilled that become more and more sophisticated as life progresses.
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Recollection of the Routine of Food
Recollection of the Routine of Food The consumption of food is often a routine event that is not given much consideration, especially in some families or environments where eating occurs on the run in order to satisfy professional or academic obligations.
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Though the article focuses largely on smaller food companies, this particular resource provides insights into the marketing function for food companies related to positioning, differentiation, and consumer attitudes in the UK. The market power of the suppliers is also described to gain perspective on how supplier power impacts the food sector.
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Sociology of food
Until recently this mass production of basic commodity foods has also been fueled by an abundant supply of cheap energy. However, the mass production of cheap, although less nutritious food, comes with significant ecological and human cost. Because of the removal of animals from farms to feedlots resulting in the production of less available natural fertilizer, there is a greater dependency on chemical fertilizer.
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Sociology of food
What role does US government play in protecting us from such risks? The modern food system has made the entire American population liable to diseases, illness and bad health in general. The usual culprits shown in TV are burgers and fries which causes increased waistline and frequent visits to the heart specialists.
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Annotation #2
With all this fuss on food, it does not sit well that there is nothing like sociology of food. This happened because for a long time food had been associated with the home, family and women’s domestic roles thus it had been neglected as not being important.
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Letter To The Editor
My opinion aligns with the approach that eco-economics puts forward. The outlook of eco-economics is one that focuses on the justice, time and the natural surroundings. The instance thus implies that the subject is one that is holistic in nature. The evidence for the statement is in the way that the topic considers intergenerational equity.
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