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[Your Name] Should an employer be able to discipline or fire an employee for doing something legal during the employee’s personal time? Why or why not? On April 2, 2012 Jonathan Turley, who is a professor at George Washington University in the field of Public Interest Law, wrote an article in the Los Angeles Times, in which he showed his concern about the employees, in particular, the teachers who lost their jobs because of completely legal activities in their personal times…
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Topic B
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Download file to see previous pages According to his views, teachers spend a great deal in teaching children and they sacrifice a lot of their personal time for the sake of the job despite of the fact that they don’t receive an equal amount to their struggle (Turley 2012). Therefore, they should be given their due importance and liberty in their private lives and they must not be treated like an unpaid celebrity. It is true that every person has his/her own personal and professional life and the best professionals are those who don’t try to mix them both, who actually maintain a difference between their private and social lives. But the case of teachers is slightly different. They are the once towards whom the whole society looks for guidance and expects them to have a complete moral conduct even in their private lives. Nobody expects a teacher to drink alcohol in a party or to have pictures which the dancers because these things are considered out of morality and as teachers if they are not abiding themselves by the rules and regulations then how come they expect their students to act in the right way. A society is made and prosper through the moral conduct of its citizens and in our part of the world this moral conduct is usually taught by the teachers therefore the school management, parents and children keep a close check of what their teachers are doing in their private lives as whatever a person does in his personal life does affect his professional life as well. Therefore as far as teachers are concerned they should be fired because of their immoral conduct in their personal lives if our society wants to give raise to children who have high ethical values. There is a difference between the things to be legal or moral. Legal activities do not have any punishment from the law or government. They are acceptable in front of the judiciary and are not considered as criminal activities but if a person breaks a law then he is accountable to the court or so on whereas the moral activities are formed by the society and the social norms. If a person does something immoral then he is not accountable to the court or the government but he is accountable to the society. He would have to communicate the reasons of his actions to the members of the society, who on the other side may or may not accept his excuses. The immoral conduct is punished by the boycott by the members of the society and social institutions. All the cases that Jonathan Turley have discussed in his article are legal according to his views and that’s why he considers it to be the right of the teachers or other employees to do whatever they want in their leisure hours. However, I do not agree with his point of view because what he is saying is legally acceptable but morally all the teachers were capable of being punished by the school management or the society because a teacher’s legal as well as moral character should be transparent. He should not be involved in any type of unethical activity even before the start of his teaching career since the past of a person also have a deep impact on his present as well as on his personality. Apart from the teachers if we analyze all the cases mentioned in the article for some other employees such as bankers, managers, government officials, etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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