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Theoretical approach italian american experience - Term Paper Example

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The Italian/American Experience: A Collection of Writings by Louis J. Gesualdi By Course Date Course Date The Italian/American Experience: A Collection of Writings by Louis J. Gesualdi Gesualdi’s (2012) The Italian/American Experience: A Collection of Writings brings together 11 chapters that contribute distinct writings designed to inform Italian Americans of their different experiences…
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Theoretical approach italian american experience
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Download file to see previous pages Gesualdi (2012) also helps readers to come to terms with false concepts of the Italian/American experience and life. In addition to helping to reveal the socio-economic character of the Italian/American, Gesualdi’s (2012) book also provides a list of sources for those wishing to learn more about Italian/American heritage and a list of books reporting on the lives and experiences of Italians and Italian/Americans. For the most part, Gesualdi’s (2012) collection of writings supports a functionalist approach to understanding the Italian/American experience. However, there is also some support for the conflict and interactionist perspectives. Functionalist theories of sociology take the position that societies are collective systems comprised of “interacting and self-regulating” parts (Bissell, Traulsen, & Haugbolle, 2002, p. 60). According to the functionalist’s perspective each of the various parts functions to support the entire system and thereby maintains order (Bissell, et. al. 2002). While functionalism focuses on collaborative parts, conflict theory focuses on conflicting parts and more especially, “strife and friction” between unequal parts of society (Andersen & Taylor, 2007, p. 21). In this regard, order within societies is maintained by virtue of dominance by one group over another (Anderson & Howard, 2007). Interactionist theories of sociology draw attention to “social interaction” and “related concepts of self-awareness/reflexive thinking, symbols, and neogiated order” (Ferrante & Ferrante-Vallace, 2008, p. 36). With the emphasis on symbolic and social interactions, daily episodes in which individuals come into contact with one another, the manner in which they communicate and construct and respond to the conduct and words of others is very important (Ferrante & Ferrante-Vallace, 2008). In demonstrating the functionalist approaches in Gesualdi’s (2012) work, this paper will reveal how the work answers the question: what are the major parts of society? In demonstrating the conflict approaches in Gesualdi’s (2012) work, this paper will explain how the work answers the question: how is society divided? In demonstrating the interactionist approaches in Gesualdi’s (2012) work, this paper will explain how the work answers the question: how is society experienced? Gesualdi (2012) answers the functionalist question, “what are the major parts of society” by exploring the elements that contribute to human capital development and achievement. Gesauldi (2012) challenges research findings that conclude that Italian Americans bring with them a cultural trait that does not emphasize education among its children when they immigrate to America. For the most part previous researchers argue that Italian/Americans generally end up as blue collar workers. Gesauldi (2012) argues however, that there is evidence in the literature to the contrary and in particular, it is well documented in the literature that many of these research findings are focused on Italian/Americans with a low socio-economic status. In fact, Gesauldi (2012) points to evidence that Italian/Americans are among the top ethnic group of Americans completing high school and achieving a post-secondary education. It therefore follows that diverse human capital necessary for a fully and efficiently ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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