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Criminal profiling: Juvenile burglars Name Instructor Criminal profiling: Juvenile burglars Introduction The numbers of court cases relating to juvenile burglary are increasing in the United States. Authorities in California are reporting cases of minors engaging in violent acts on a daily basis…
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Term paper for criminal profiling crime class
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Download file to see previous pages Causes of juvenile burglary Authorities around the globe have various explanations for the rise of cases in juvenile burglary (Hagan, 2011). For instance, the crime is prevalent in neighborhoods that use biased laws to punish juvenile in the US. Juan is facing charges for committing burglary in California. Psychological dysfunctions contributed to his engagement in criminal acts. At the age of 15, Juan had joined a gang involved in multiple violent acts in the State of California. He rebelled against the system that had put in place stringent policies that restrict some of the liberties of young blacks and Latinos. Socio-economic status A majority of juvenile burglars like Juan belong to low-income households basing on statistics from criminal justice department of California. Juveniles from low-income household feel the society has neglected their demands. Therefore, they resort to burglary when dealing with the psychological challenges that they encounter. Juan deemed it fit to engage in fistfights with rival gang groups. Taking property from people using force was not a big deal to Juan. Indeed, he misdirected his energy by attacking the innocent in the society. Juan and his gang resorted to violence instead of seeking fairness in the society through righteous means. According to police records, some of his crew had psychological disorders in their upbringing. According to Hagan (2011), juveniles are to blame for the rise in insecurity in the contemporary American society. This is because the majorities of the populace who feel oppressed by the political system of the society are juveniles. Hagan (2011) adds that juveniles are capable of coming up alternative ideologies for addressing societal disparities. Moreover, the juvenile justice policies in California contribute to the increase in acts of juvenile burglary. They are more punitive to some section of the population. As Juan perceives, the policies in California are unjust because they target young black males and Latinos. According to Hess, Orthmann & Drowns (2010), juvenile’s mischief is prevalent in places of high-level poverty. Poor juveniles seek for means of creating a balance in the society by meeting their needs through criminal acts. Such cases are common California where the wealthy families are neighboring the lower middle class families. The lower-middle class juveniles feel enslaved by the rich; therefore, they seek alternative means of creating a balance in the society. Sibling ranking within the family structure Being a lastborn could have also contributed to Juan’s engagement in crime because lastborn has have the tendency of rebelling against the system when provoked. Firstborns on the other contrary are more obedient; they only rebel with a cause. Male children who are not first born devise ways of seeking attention from their elders (Hess, Orthmann & Drowns, 2010). In the contemporary American society, lastborns have committed robberies than firstborns. Psychologists suggest that family set up plays an enormous role in influencing the behavior of children in the society. Therefore, parents should establish mutual relationship with their children to reduce their participation crime. Parents’ vocations According to Hess, Orthmann & Drowns (2010), parents’ vocation plays a role in juvenile transgression. Juan’s mother was absent from home because of work. This contributed to Ju ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Term Paper for Criminal Profiling Crime Class Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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