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Heroin, Marijuana, and MDMA - Essay Example

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Despite the continued endeavor to stop drug abuse, it has increased tremendously. In fact, the trend has become a controversy among policy makers. Security sources argue that drug abuse remains in the society due to support from senior government officials…
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Heroin, Marijuana, and MDMA
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Heroin, Marijuana, and MDMA

Download file to see previous pages... They include depressants, stimulants, and narcotic drugs. Some examples of drugs in the schedule II category include cocaine, morphine, and oxycodone. The schedule III, IV, or V drugs are not highly abused, and they are legal for medical use. They contain small amounts of nicotine and they are sedatives, stimulants, non-narcotic analgesics, and anti- anxiety drugs (Holland 32). This paper will give a detailed comparison between Heroin, Marijuana, and MDMA, drugs in schedule I, and argue justification why MDMA should be classified in schedule II. The difference between schedule 1 and schedule II drugs is that schedule II are believed to be more addictive and are highly abused, but they have legitimate allowance to be used for medical purposes (Goode 47). Schedule 1 drugs include both drugs and other substances that have high potential of abuse. These substances are not acceptable for medical use it treatment in some states. They are unprescribed under medical supervision since there safety is not assured. It is illegal for anyone to dispense, manufacture, or distribute these substances. People caught trafficking drugs in schedule 1 face life sentence in jail. A schedule II drug too has high chances of abuse though it is accepted in medical use for treatment but under strict supervision. Abuse of these drugs leads to serious side effects including physical and psychological. These schedule II substances however are used in emergencies only (Chambliss 177).
International Narcotics Control Board report for 2006 states that MDMA has other names like Adam, Clarity, Lover’s speed, Stacy, X, and Essence. Adam was developed before the world war one. It was taken in form of white powder that is puffed or even pills. It comes in fancy colored tablets of white, brown, pink, and even yellow. It gives less stimulation when compared to cocaine, which is also a hallucinogen. It causes brain damage that is irreversible hence leading to death. It can be consumed as a fun drug, it is claimed that it offers insight, energy, peace, awareness and heightens sensory perception too. It causes increased heart rates and loss of memory hence learning difficulties. Changes caused to the brain to be permanent, but with discontinued use, it may recover back to normal after several years. Marijuana, also called cannabis, has its effects on different individuals differently. It has other common names like mull, weed, blow, ganja, tocas tea, torpedo, viper’s weed, twistum, and grass (Holland 56). It is obstructed from dried parts of cannabis sativa plant. After consumption, its effect may last for 3 – 4 hours and later on one may experience hangover and drowsiness. Consumption of marijuana in small amounts may turn out to be recreational rather than destructive. It raises one’s confidence and changes their perception on issues like space and dignity. With continued smoking of marijuana it may result in coughing. It also has high content of cancer causing elements and leads to memory loss. Heroin is the most addictive substance derived from morphine or codeine or opium. Its users suffer effects like vomiting, nausea, and poor coordination of the body. Long-term use leads to loss of sexual drive and constipation. Advanced use leads to death of the user or takes them into coma. Opium can relieve pain though not commonly used since it is addictive. The common street name for heroin is junkie. Its other names are smack, H, tootsie ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Even though marijuana has stimulating effects like hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine, it has a variety of advantages in its medicinal value besides being a purely natural substance. As a result, a lot of debate has been considered on whether the drug should be legalized or not with both views presenting supportive arguments on their positions.
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And the war on drugs and especially Marijuana was initiated based on this commonsense as well as on the evidences on the link between drug use and crime. The situation in the US has been considered alarming as “the United States as a whole has the highest rate of drug use among the industrial countries of the world, and U.S.
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Heroin, Marijuana, and MDMA
United States and other countries across the globe have declared total war against drug abuse because it has been noted that the epidemic is affecting the lives of very many people in the society. Drug abuse affects the lives of the abusers as well as that of their close family members.
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This division in opinion is bound to continue, given the fact that different countries have varying intensities of problems based on the production, availability of the drugs and the societal awareness. Drugs, basically, are chemical substances that are used to treat or grant relief from a condition. But when these chemical substances are used for purposes other than these, it can be called illegal drug abuse. It can be as simple as taking cold medications without actually having and as complex as taking cocaine.
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There are several reasons as to why Marijuana should not be legalized. Marijuana has been branded as a harmful drug. Another reason is the costs incurred by the government in rehabilitation processes for marijuana addicts. Legalization would also mean
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The TCOs control much of the domains surrounding drug trafficking starting from production to transportation and finally distribution. A continued struggle persists to control the smuggling pathways in order to declare dominance of a particular TCO over the lucrative drug trade.
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Compare and contrast the neuropharmacological basis for the risks associated with the use of: Cocaine, Ecstasy, Heroin, and Cannabis
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Compare and contrast the neuropharmacological basis for the risks associated with the use of: Cocaine, Ecstasy, Heroin, and Cannabis
The behavioural outcome of each drug depends on this ability (Copello et al., 2006). There is ongoing research on how various drugs interact with the brain in a broad subject referred to as neuropharmacology. Drugs such as cocaine and
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