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Impact of Networks and Infrastructure in the Making of Metropolis - Term Paper Example

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The paper “Impact of Networks and Infrastructure in the making of Metropolis” will look at a permanent installation of a system or an organization in a city, state or region. It can also be referred to as facilities and systems which are used in serving a region or location…
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Impact of Networks and Infrastructure in the Making of Metropolis
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Extract of sample "Impact of Networks and Infrastructure in the Making of Metropolis"

Download file to see previous pages Infrastructure helps in making work easier which will lead to a city’s growth. A city’s growth is mostly determined by the infrastructure within and around it; without this, it can be quite chaotic and slow.1 Social Capital This term refers to institutions, norms and relationships that lead to the formation of a better society and improvement of social interaction between individuals. Social relationships are important as they lead to a growing economy through a better understanding of things like the economy and society. This assists in enhancing economic growth, developing communities and helping the society members to commit themselves to each other. Commitment can be in terms of bonding, bridging as well as linking social capital. A better social factor in the city among people leads to an economic growth as they are informed on what’s happening around the city. 2 Skyscraper This is a tall building with many floors which are erected in a continuous manner. It is mainly designed for commercial and office use, and it does not have a defined height or the number of floors.3 When constructing skyscrapers, the tubular design is used in order to make them stronger and more stable as their height keeps on rising. A good example is the Burj Khalifa building which is huge and incredibly tall. One way of identifying a mega polis is to look at the number of skyscrapers in that particular place; cities in different regions have different types of skyscrapers either for entertainment, manufacturing or for living. Gentrification This term refers to changes that occur when wealthier individuals move to earn or acquire property in low income and working communities; it is an increase in one thing and a decrease in the other. For instance, in places where income keeps on rising but family sizes keep shrinking, gentrification is likely to occur.4 In cities, the consequences include relocation of low income families, increased economic growth and expanding upper and middle classes. Question 2: Impact of Networks and Infrastructure in the making of a Metropolitan Networks and infrastructure aided the movement of people from one place to another; through improved transportation systems (like air and road transport), growth was facilitated in cities. There was also increased trade and rural-urban migration which were triggered by better and more efficient transport systems.5 The growth of political parties and increased political influence led to the expansion and realignment of borders and creation of more boundaries. Through politics people could influence the growth and development of cities, because they could enact policies that defined the way forward for various regions in Europe. The creation and maintenance of law and order played a crucial role in the growth of cities. Through law and order, cities were able to develop as there were no crimes which would terrify individuals. The police force (like the Metropolitan Police) managed to provide people with a sense of security that, in its turn, allowed them to engage in productive activities without worrying about what would happen to their businesses or properties. Question 3: Impact of Shifts to Growth and Development of Cities This refers to high birth rates and death rates to lower birth rates and death rates to a country. Shifts to growth greatly influenced the transition from pre-industrial to industrialized economies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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