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Contributions to Latino popular culture in the united states - Essay Example

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Class name Date assignment is due Latin American heroes who upheld the rights of migrant workers travelled through the path of non-violence that they inherited through the celebrated non-violence teachings of Martin Luther King Jr…
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Contributions to Latino popular culture in the united states
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Download file to see previous pages Latin American leaders fought for the cause of migrant workers, demanding a wage increase and betterment in the working conditions. Leaders who fought for the rights of the workers inherited their policy of non-violence from Martin Luther King Jr. who was influenced by the non-violent freedom struggle in India led by Mahatma Gandhi. The United Farm Workers, together with their leaders demanded better wages and working environment. They resorted to non-violent strikes, protests and boycotts and hunger strikes. Workers refused to work in unsafe working environments and demanded a rise in their wage. Latin American leaders and the union of farm workers continued protesting through non-violent methods until laws were brought to improve the life and work of farm workers. Leaders were jailed innumerable times, and strikers endured violence during their protests. Though not recognized, the credit of the policy of non-violence adopted in this struggle goes to Martin Luther King Jr. Non-violence policy advocated by King had heavy influence on leaders like Dolores Huerta. Efforts of Dolores Huerta and other leaders resulted in Hispanic integration and together they upheld their demands in the national stage. They were terribly influenced by the Civil Rights Movement and the non-violence principles of Dr. King. Leaders rose to a position of influence and succeeded in their attempt to make the nation address the concerns of the suffering migrant workers. Leaders rose to prominence and induced the right kind of consciousness among the Hispanics. Influence of the leaders and their admirable policies made the Latinos understand how to respond in the right manner. Leaders and their followers moved in conjunction with the Civil Rights Movement carefully abiding the non-violence policies. Their commitment to improve the lives of migrant workers based on noble methods did find success. Among the leaders who fought for the rights of migrant workers, the role of Dolores Huerta is worth our attention. She had held the leadership of United Farm workers and is the co-founder of National Farm Workers Association. She played a major role in the movement that demanded rights for migrant workers. She was successful in bringing the landowners and corporations to negotiations that brought favors to migrant workers. These decisions improved the life and work of farm workers and brought them more rights. She was also a key activist who took the laws to pass so that Latinos in California are benefitted. She was indeed the upholder of the rights of negatively privileged. She was arrested innumerable times for upholding civil rights. She had endured beatings from police for leading the protests. She was a courageous advocate of the rights of the negatively privileged. She was a greater activist, motivator and teacher. She could understand the painful life of her students who were the children of migrant workers. She went beyond her role as a teacher, a teacher who saw the deprivation in the lives of her students. She could not stay silent to the injustice she found in the society. She stepped out to reach out to the ill-privileged, supporting their rights and presenting their cause before the authorities. She visited the houses of her students and learned in detail the poor wages, poor working environments and extremely long working hours of migrant workers. When the authorities refused to accept her demands concerning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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