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Compare and contrast Cohens study of disorderly behaviour with that of Hall et al - Essay Example

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Compare and Contrast Cohen’s Study of Disorderly Behaviour with That of Hall et al Table of Contents Introduction 3 Compare and Contrast the study of Stanley Cohen, Hall et al and Huesmann et al 4 Conclusion 7 References 8 Introduction According to the present situation of United Kingdom (UK), the community oriented people living in contemporary world are required to consistently deal with catchphrases such as “broken society”, “social disorder” and “antisocial behaviour”…
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Compare and contrast Cohens study of disorderly behaviour with that of Hall et al
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Download file to see previous pages These are a few definite kinds of disruptive behaviours which are known to be displayed by the media and other interest groups of the community in order to reveal the importance pertaining to the UK society. According to the contemporary situation of UK society, it becomes necessary to consider the two theories stated by Stanley Cohen i.e. the theory of “Folk Devils” and “Moral Panic”. Social order is supposed to be quite significant among the people of UK as they work, interact and live together in a highly complex situation which refers to social order, pattern and practices. Social rules deliver a structured vision regarding people possessing the experience to organise themselves within the society (Bowling & et. al., 2010). Communal transformations are considered to be a frequent phenomenon where social order expectations as well as rules undergo alterations. Therefore, it needs to be stated in this context that social order and disorder cannot be regarded as fixed terms. Moreover, according to the notion of social order or disorder, it has been observed that different living groups within a community pursue dissimilar values regarding social orders which are supposed to be based on the factors of religion, gender, ethnicity and age relating to the people of other community. It has been found that with regard to every community, certain groups of people are known to obtain authorisation as well as knowledge for explaining the social rules in order to control the aspect of social disorder. Therefore, certain significant questions were raised regarding social disorder such as the way of identifying the one possessing the authority to describe social order or disorder and what is actually recognised in terms of disorder along with the kind of initiatives needed to be considered for dealing with social disorder (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, 2000). Compare and Contrast the study of Stanley Cohen, Hall et al and Huesmann et al Social order is measured to be a significant aspect of social life and various social scientists were found to have made attempts towards recognising the various ways of social life in terms of order and disorder. It is considered to be essential in this regard to consider the study of sociologist Stanley Cohen who identified conflict between individuals or groups. Stanley Cohen originally conducted a study on a particular case which involved a local fight between the mods and rockers at the British seaside in the1960s. From the analysis of the mentioned social study, it was learnt that expressive media coverage regarding antisocial behaviour developed a group of ‘folk devils’, where individuals were noticeably recognised to display abnormal rather than normal behaviour. According to Cohen (2011), the development of ‘folk devils’ and the idea of ‘antisocial behaviour’, created through the media, were regarded as the two major aspects which triggered the condition of ‘moral panic’, which frightened and annoyed the people of an entire community. Moreover, with regard to the aspect of social disorder, it is essential to consider the views of psychologist Rowell Huesmann who also focused on the reasons behind violent behaviour of the matured groups within a c ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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