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3 questions Crisis Intervention - Essay Example

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Crisis intervention details the strategies employed to give short-term and immediate to persons who undergo an event or experience, which leads to mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical distress. …
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3 questions Crisis Intervention
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Download file to see previous pages Situations that may cause crisis include life-threatening circumstances such as sexual assault, natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, divorce, or even the death of a loved one. In such instances, there is a need to intervene and help the client in order to avoid adverse effects of the crisis. #1 The two primary crisis intervention theories include the ABC theory and brief therapy theory. The ABC model can be regarded as a crucial theory in the counseling process. In this model, A refers to basic attending skills; B refers to the problem identification as well as a therapeutic intervention while C refers to the coping skills. The attending skills call for the establishment of a relationship (therapeutic relationship) between the counselor and the person(s) in crisis. The therapist should show some respect for the client and focus on the crisis as soon as the therapeutic relationship between them commences (Loughran, 2011). B requires that the therapist identifies the problem that the client faces and plan for therapeutic intervention. In order to identify the client’s problem, the client should be allowed to overcome the frustration caused by the crisis. Problem identification helps in planning for the immediate solutions to the problem. Therefore, the therapist should identify what happened prior to the event or the crisis facing the client. The third step (C) involves coming up with the best strategies that can help solve the client’s problems. The therapist should identify immediate solutions and coping skills that will help the client overcome his or her problem (Loughran, 2011). The brief therapy theory emphasizes on the present as well as the future of the client, as opposed to focusing on the past. Brief therapy can be regarded as solution-based therapy whose orientation is solutions to problems that the client has. This theory holds that clients have the freewill to make choices since they know what works out best for them and what does not work out. In this theory, the therapist accepts and embraces the client’s point of view. The therapist facilitates the client to identify what works out for them and be stronger in it (Sandoval, 2002). One of the fundamental crisis intervention models include the Cognitive model, which hinges on the belief that faulty thinking about events leads to crisis. This model aims at helping clients change their beliefs and views about an event that causes crisis. Another model is the equilibrium model, which emphasis that people facing a crisis are in a state of disequilibrium, and they do not have the usual coping mechanism. Another model includes the psychosocial transition model, which has the ultimate goal of helping clients assess the internal and external factors that contribute to their crisis situation. The other model is situational crisis, which helps clients understand that crisis results from events beyond human control. Another fundamental approach to crisis involves basic crisis model, which focuses on ways of helping people in a crisis recognize as well as correct behavioral, affective, and cognitive problems resulting from the crisis (Sandoval, 2002). #2 Ecological and cultural determination has an impact on crisis situations based on their interactions with crisis. An example of how ecological factors interact with crisis is through global warming, which represents a linkage between social crisis and ecological factors. Ecological factors such as floods and natural disasters such as earthquakes are examples of causes of the crisis. Crisis has a direct link to ecological determinants since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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3 Questions Crisis Intervention Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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