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Friday by Rebecca black - Essay Example

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Social Issues on Friday Abdulmohsen Alkhuremi Gaetano Guzzo 00678824 Social Life 02 October 1, 2012 Sociology is commonly known from the words forming it, socio meaning companion and logos or science; as the study of society. It includes various aspects of man’s life like social structures, categories and institutions…
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Friday by Rebecca black
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Download file to see previous pages This is important in understanding social life because it enables a person to consider the mistakes he committed, make right decisions in similar situations and become a better person. In other words, if a person’s daily activities are documented through a film he reviews later and comes up with an in-depth analysis, he would most likely change those which are bad and repeat the good. Social issues or problems involve matters in individuals that affect other people while personal issues are the struggles a person encounters within himself. Personal efficacy is an important element in facing personal issues because it helps an individual to positively respond to his challenges. People are naturally endowed with the ability to overcome obstacles in life whether the goals are self-set or the challenges are presented by other factors. However, self efficacy differs in strength among people. Some people have weak efficacy and tend to succumb to trials while those with strong efficacy are able to overcome personal problems. Other factors that determine one’s success is internal locus of control. If a person sees and understands that he can control the consequences of his actions and decisions including his behavior toward them, he is putting into use his internal locus of control. ...
However, despite the external factors affecting one’s life, if one recognizes the value of his internal locus of control, results would be satisfactory. Knowing that there is always something one can do with personal and social issues, sociology’s objective is brought to completion when people react positively. The song Friday, written and sung by Rebecca Black was her debut single released last year ( It portrays the social problem on premarital sex. This is not just a personal issue because it involves other people who somehow seem to share the ideals of the singer so that they join in with her activities of having fun. The issue may have been caused by personal issues like being unable to cope with peer pressure or having the need to be assured of the character’s importance and value. Her internal locus of control was not put in check so that her self efficacy failed her. As a result, she turned to her external locus of control to affect her decisions and therefore, her actions. Today, premarital sex is widely accepted and is not considered taboo anymore so there is the possibility that the singer’s coping mechanism is the acceptance or reasoning that her behavior is guided by her fate of enjoying and having fun with her friends. Premarital sex becomes a social issue in the song because the singer and her group contribute to the widespread problems brought about by this matter. In 2002, 95% of interviewees claimed they had premarital sex. This becomes a social issue because of the danger of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (Jayson) and effects of unwanted pregnancies like abortion and suicide. Rebecca Black is a teenage singer from Anaheim Hills, California who was exposed to the art as early as when she was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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