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Answer 1 I partially agree with Randy that brilliant ideas come from individuals but they can come from anyone and not necessarily from brilliant individuals. What is vitally important is its implementation. In the highly competitive environment of global environment, organizational leadership initiatives become the enabling elements of success…
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Team study vs. individual------case analysis
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Answer I partially agree with Randy that brilliant ideas come from individuals but they can come from anyone and not necessarily from brilliant individuals. What is vitally important is its implementation. In the highly competitive environment of global environment, organizational leadership initiatives become the enabling elements of success. Leadership is not only motivating but greatly promotes a flexible approach that is able to incorporate the environmental changes and creatively meet the challenges of time (Johns & Saks, 2010). In this instance, task must be completed by a team rather than a leader. The teamwork becomes a critical constituent of competitive advantage because it brings together creative ideas and the optimal way those ideas are turned into success. Team is defined by shared goals which are achieved through collective decision making and participatory approach. When Randy says ‘others can only implement the ideas’, he unconsciously links the implementation to team work which makes valuable contribution to the firm’s performance. Indeed, the success of team work depends on collective responsibility of the team members. Their collaborative approach is designed to overcome any conflicts or discordant views. Answer 2 The task and structure of the present team is not well organized and lacks cohesive approach. The seven members of the team of Eric come from diverse fields but have single goal of turning around the dwindling profits of the firm and put it back on the winning track. The team members represent important areas of the firm that need to be intrinsically linked to achieve the wider objectives of the firm. Thus, their collaboration and cooperation to evolve new strategies to compete against new entrants are important factors. The team roles and structure need to be clearly defined for higher productive outcome. The sharing of ideas, skills and knowledge influences the performance outcome of the team. Indeed, the group dynamics within the team promote a culture of social construction process that relies on cross cultural understanding, mutual respect, shared vision and common goals. The well-defined roles and structure of the team therefore, equip the team to face the challenges of the time with more confidence and helps evolve creative strategies that would contribute to the success of the firm. Answer 3 In Eric’s team, Randy’s negative approach adversely impacts the morale of the team members. It requires psycho analytical tools to understand the hidden dynamics of his behavior. Understanding human behavior is crucial for promoting mutual respect and working together for shared goals. If I were Eric, I would try to analyze Randy’s behavior and understand it from the wider perspective of his legendary past and the environmental changes. I would share the knowledge with other members so that they look at Randy’s comment from new perspective which offers new opportunities rather than with negative connotations with no hope. Moreover, it would create a better environment of collaborative skills that can be used to exploit the informed choices and turn adverse conditions into new opportunities. Randy is a brilliant marketer with deep insight into changing market pulse. His resistance to teamwork is not intentional but is linked to his past. Once, he is liberated from his past and is ready to accept the challenges of the current time, he can prove to be the best mind of the team who can take the firm from the troubled water to the new levels of success. Appreciating his comments and actively seeking his help would lower his resistance. Randy is basically a good person who can be motivated to share his knowledge with team members. As a team, Randy’s knowledge and insight can be exploited to gain competitive advantage. Reference Johns, Gary & Saks, Alam M. (2010) Organizational Behaviour: Understanding and Managing Life at Work (8th ed.). Toronto: Pearson Canada. Read More
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