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Discrimination in the American Community - Research Paper Example

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This paper critically analyzes the American community and the ever-growing discrimination upon the basis of gender, cast, creed, and color. During the 9/11 attacks many Muslims were discriminated on the basis of religion, even though they were not an accomplice in the attacks. …
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Discrimination in the American Community
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Extract of sample "Discrimination in the American Community"

Download file to see previous pages Under the Jim Crow laws, the blacks had separate schools and lodgings, and preferences existed while hiring people for work. These claimed to provide equal rights to the blacks, but the claim never became functional. Many efforts on the part of the black activists, entertainers, and other celebrities raised voice for civil rights. Thus, in 1964 Martin Luther King’s nonviolent protests brought to fruition the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The act barred the discrimination by annulling the law that segregated the blacks from the whites and permitted blacks public services, banned discrimination and segregation in schools, employment, and accommodations. Bill Clinton in his dialogue on race concluded that during a conversation the ideas expressed are a reflection of the communal knowledge and self-analysis. Therefore, the myths and beliefs taken from the community may hold a little truth to it, but it is indeed wrapped with the fiction that can leave the listener with an illusion of the entire situation. Moreover, if the story told holds nothing but the truth, then it unfolds the saga of one side of the coin, i.e. it depended on which side of the river you lived, influencing the twists and turns in the story that was narrated as a truth.
(Kotlowitz, 1998). Regardless of the efforts, protests and presidential addresses by the government to bring to prominence the factors of discrimination and to eliminate it altogether, it is booming when it comes to considering job applications. A study in the Urban Institute (1998) revealed that when a mix of racial applicants applied for a job, a white was preferred over a black despite the same qualification and skill set for the job. Blacks face discrimination in other wakes of life such as the market place. The Gallup poll revealed that $10,000 was an extra amount paid by a black when buying an automobile. However, 30% of the African Americans reported discrimination in stores (Diversity Digest, 1998). Koltlowitz, while researching for his book There are no Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing up in the Other America (1992) and various other books that he wrote after the investigation, came across the discrimination that was handed down through generations. During his research and analysis, he had to go to the “other side” of the river where people, Kotlowitz revealed, always tried to extract information about the other side of the river that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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