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Sociology - Homosexual Marriage - Essay Example

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Homosexual Marriages University Name Homosexual Marriages Homosexual marriages are another name given to gay marriage. It is an activity and an amalgamation of emotions between two people, who are similar to each other biologically, have the same sex and gender…
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Sociology - Homosexual Marriage
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Download file to see previous pages These countries permit homosexual couples to get married and seek protection under the specific laws of matrimony, drafted by the state. This law is bound to ensure the equity in the treatment of homosexual couples and other heterosexual individuals. This legitimate allowance, legal recognition as well as protection under the rule of law, by the aforementioned countries have stirred debates across the world. The world leaders have argued and deliberated on the bases of religious allowance, civil liberties and it is generally believed in popular culture that they must not have a separate status designed for themselves (Machionis, 2010; Brym & Lie 2010). As a result of the numerous studies, surveys and researches conducted into the notion of same-sex marriages, it was concluded that people who had attained a relatively higher level of intellect and education were more compassionate towards the legalization of the same-sex marriages than their contrasting compatriots i.e. the ones who were relatively, less educated and held traditional and customary beliefs. This was probably clinched as a result of the possible greater experience attained in life, which according to most of the people readies a man to adopt innovations and make the life as desired by the individuals. Homosexual matrimony in most scenarios around the world is a putative way of life, which is recognized and accepted by many families. The marriages are now believed to be common and are no longer categorized under the form of aberrant sexual behavior. History, sociological research and psychological studies, very aptly suggest that homosexual relationships may date back to the ancient Greek times, making it one of the oldest activities on the planet that still have their toll and prevalence (Machionis 2010). Many homosexual couples, who have married counter the accusations on them by keeping the emotions and love, as their foremost objective to marry. It is believed that love is the primary cause that leads towards marriage, in heterosexual couples. They marry each other in order to express the attachment and love they feel for their partner, with whom they agree to spend their lives, share each and every moment and be a support for each other whenever needed. The homosexual couples argue, in response to the accusations that if two biologically different people, a man and a woman, can fall in love with each and share the aforementioned vows, why can two biologically indifferent people not do the same? They believe dying in the arms of their partners is better than dying alone, regardless of the gender (Machionis, 2010). Functionalism is a part of sociology which tries to interpret the blocks of the society and as to how these blocks function together in the stability. It specifically emphasizes on the order and function in the society that is related to the shared public views and stability. The Functionalist school of thought views that any discrepancy that is caused in the society is a result of the deviant behavior by the people. As functionalism states that the powerful majority, automatically creates the authority over the weak and as the majority has already labeled homosexuality as deviant, it certainly does not entail that the actors involved in it may be inherently deviant too and is viewed by functionalism as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Sociology - Homosexual Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Sociology - Homosexual Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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