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Albert DeSalvo was a self-confessed criminal in Boston, United States. According to DeSalvo, he raped and killed 13 women in the same area. Despite his criminal ways, he was not imprisoned because of the absence of physical evidence to link him to these activities…
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Albert DeSalvo
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Download file to see previous pages Albert DeSalvo was a self-confessed criminal in Boston, United States. According to DeSalvo, he raped and killed 13 women in the same area. Despite his criminal ways, he was not imprisoned because of the absence of physical evidence to link him to these activities. The confessions regarding the murders he committed were thrown out as doubtful and debate continues to-date over the actual crimes that DeSalvo committed. The autobiography of Albert DeSalvo is presented including the criminal acts he committed in Boston. The Life of Albert DeSalvo He was born to Frank DeSalvo and Charlotte DeSalvo on September 3, 1931 in Boston in the port city of Chelsea. Chelsea, the home town of DeSalvo, covers approximately a square mile and is called as Boston’s poor sister to the north. DeSalvo was a third child out of his six siblings. His mother was a daughter of a fire-fighter in Boston and his father was a trained plumber who occasionally engaged in theft. He was introduced into criminal activities at the age of five by his father who took him to a nearby store and taught him how to shoplift (Sherman, 2003). DeSalvo grew up in an environment in which his father trained him criminal acts. His father may also have influenced him to engage in criminal activities because of the constant beatings that the father subjected the family to. When Salvao was seven, his drunken father once punched his mother in the mouth and forced the siblings to watch as he broke their mother’s fingers. He was also subjected to beatings by his father just like his mother was. The police officers at Chelsea were frequent visitors at DeSalvo’s home to break the domestic fights that ensued. As a result, the father was arrested many times for his criminal activities. The father exposed DeSalvo to cruel upbringing, at times forcing him to watch as he had sex with prostitutes in the house while the mother was away (Sherman, 2003). DeSalvo claimed that his father had once exchanged him and two of his sisters to a Maine farmer for $9. They were held captive for some months until the father came to their rescue. He was exposed to child slavery at a tender age. The home was unfavorable for Albert to grow up in, which made him escape from home on several occasions. He could spend his nights with city urchins in nearby East Boston. He acquired many skills from the young ruffians. DeSalvo was first arrested when he was 12 for violently robbing a neighborhood paperboy $2.85. He was accorded a suspended sentence because of no earlier criminal wrongdoings. After a month, together with his friends, he broke into a house and made away with jewelry approximated at $27. He was later to be apprehended with the stolen properties and committed to delinquent institution. The institution was a correction home to boys sentenced for violent crimes among other crimes. In the institutions, the sentenced criminals would train each other on pick pocketing and how to hot-wire a car quickly. He took ten months at the correction center. His father disappeared and divorced the mother years later (Hickey, 2003). Albert demonstrated little propensity for schoolwork in his early years. He was involved with an elderly woman for sexual encounters and escapades. In addition to the sexual desires that preoccupied his mind, he also resorted to theft. In 1946, he was apprehended for stealing a vehicle and sent back to the correction center. He later completed his studies and took honest jobs. He was rejected in the United States Marine Corps enlisting for being overweight. Subsequently, he tried the U.S. Army and qualified, taking an oath to defend the country in 1948 at Fort Banks, Massachusetts. He was trained at Fort Dix, New Jersey, and shipped to Bremerhaven, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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