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What aspect (variable) of society provides the most mount of influence in an individual to become a suicide bomber - Research Paper Example

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Several schools of thought give different reasons why the need for world peace cannot be underestimated in ensuring the successful occupancy of the earth as the home of humans. Some of these schools of thoughts include religion, science and philosophy. …
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What aspect (variable) of society provides the most mount of influence in an individual to become a suicide bomber
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Download file to see previous pages Some of these schools of thoughts include religion, science and philosophy. For example scientifically, earth is considered the only planet where humans can live and so if there is destruction to the earth as a result of anti-peace activities, man would have no other place to look to.
Most religions also teach that humans are the caretakers of the earth and so we ought to eschew activities that destroy the earth. Regardless of all these, the world has since its inception not known the needed peace it deserves and that it continues to be abused by the day. Acts of violence have been identified as one of the major ways by which we continue to destroy the earth as our home (Gujarati, 2003). Specifically, acts of terrorism such suicide bombing keep destroying not only humans but the environment and other constituents of the earth. This research is therefore committed to identifying the most effective aspect of society that is accountable for the many instances of suicide bombing. To do this effectively, a number of research questions are posed.
There are a number of researches and literature works that focus on the subject of suicide bombing as a mechanism for carrying out terrorism. These works point out several variables of society that could account for influences on people to become suicide bombers. Some of these variables include religion, education, family, location war and culture....
These works point out several variables of society that could account for influences on people to become suicide bombers. Some of these variables include religion, education, family, location war and culture. For the sake of the aim of the present study and the hypothesis and research questions posed, the researcher shall narrow to education as an aspect of society that influence individuals to becoming suicide bombers. The review shall briefly be done based on three themes, which are resounded in the research questions. How education affects a person’s view of social structure In a recent research, Henderson, (2003), linked the relationship between the views of people on the social structure of society to the causes of violence including suicide bombing in society. Ultimately, the research established that the more people understand that society is a coordinated system that needs to be kept intact at all time, the better they are in a position to avoid violence so as to protect the core structure of society. Clearly, education is an avenue for which a person will be taught about the basis of social structure. Through education, socialization is made possible and the tendency of thinking that one’s role in society is insignificant is going to be curtailed (Looney, 2002). Essentially, people who have low levels of education will not understand how precious and important their existence in society is and so would think of cruel ways of getting out of this world such as through suicide bombing. Conversely, a well educated will be rid of misconceptions that align violence to popularity and fame. They will also be rid of unemployment and poverty, which leads to social vices ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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