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Are female suicide bombers rational actors - Research Paper Example

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Although men are conventionally viewed as the leaders of armed insurrection, women have increasingly become key strategic assets within the realm of suicide terrorism. The number of female suicide attackers has risen from eight during the 1980s to well over one hundred since 2000…
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Are female suicide bombers rational actors
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Download file to see previous pages The major advantage of suicide bombing attack is the accuracy and precision in conducting secret missions. Under normal circumstances, nobody would like to sacrifice their lives for any kind of missions; however the influence of fundamentalism and patriotism is getting increased day by day and because of that many people come forward to sacrifice their lives for safeguarding their traditions, culture and beliefs.
Even though all types of suicide bomber attacks are difficult to resist, female suicide bombing attacks seem to be the most difficult type of attacks as far as preventive measures are concerned. Genetically and historically, it was believed that males were more aggressive in nature whereas females were more of peace loving nature. However, the above belief or theory seems to be less popular now because of the readiness of current females in taking part in risky missions and activities.
As per some of the recent reports available from states like Iraq, Palestine, Sri Lanka etc, the number of female suicide bombers is increasing day by day. “While arguing about why women fight, many believe that these women are yet other victims in the hands of ruthless men while others emphasize the seriousness of a particular conflict in which even women are driven towards taking up arms, seen as a last resort in the eyes of many”. In short, there are different viewpoints about the reasons why females are increasingly participating in suicide bombing attacks....
Some people argue that suicide bombing attacks in general and female suicide bombing attacks in particular are motivated by irrational motives. However, many others believe that strong rational motives are behind every female suicide bombing attacks. This paper argues that female suicide bombers are rational actors and they engage in terrorist activities not because of the influence of any external agents alone, but because of their own instincts and judgements. Religious extremism is cited as the major reason for increasing female suicide attacks by many of the sociologists and politicians. It is because of the fact that most of the female suicide bombers are from Muslim community. In countries like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc Muslim female suicide bombers are causing big problems and headaches to Israelis and Americans. Jihad or sacred war against nonbelievers is accepted as a tradition by many of the Muslim militant groups. At the same time it should be noted that jihad is mostly taking place in countries under some kind of foreign occupation. The occupation of Israelis in Palestine and Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan can be cited as the best examples for the above belief. In other words, foreign occupation seems to be one of the major reasons for increased number of suicide attacks. Since women participation in modern social and political activities are increasing day by day, it is difficult for them to stay away from helping male community in their efforts to fight against all kind of foreign occupations. Female suicide bombers are thus utilized for pressurizing foreign occupiers to withdraw their troops from their land by the militant groups- in that respect; it is not an irrational activity, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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