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Terrorism: What motivates people to turn into suicide bombers - Research Paper Example

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Abstract Suicide bombing is a relatively old phenomenon however it has become significant during recent times. This paper has discussed some of the motivations behind committing suicide attacks as well as how they can be prevented from committing such crimes…
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Terrorism: What motivates people to turn into suicide bombers
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Extract of sample "Terrorism: What motivates people to turn into suicide bombers"

Download file to see previous pages In order to fulfill curiosity of people, this paper studies 1. Types of people who turn into suicide bombers 2. Various motives which makes bombers to exercise suicide bombing 3. Prevention of suicide bombing. By looking at types of people who turn into suicide bombers, paper concludes that suicide bombers are not the ones with extreme tendency. Also they are well educated that they are able to make right choices. Paper will mainly focus on various motives which makes bombers to exercise suicide bombing. In this paper, motives of suicide bombers are divided into three parts. First of all, there are suicide bombings in sense of retaliation. In this case, suicide bombers’ hatred towards their target mostly comes from bombers’ family members who had been victimized from their target. Secondly, influence of their religious teaching is also a big motive for some suicide bombers. These suicide bombers usually are devoted to their religion, sometimes considered as religious extremists, and believe that their death is a glory of martyrdom. Lastly, depression plays a big role for some people to become a suicide bomber. Characteristic of depression related suicide bombers is that they are not interested in martyrdom which set it apart from religion related suicide bombing. ...
Suicide Terrorism Suicide terrorism has been used occasionally in the past however it is now being used as one of the most lethal weapons by the terrorists. The world which has emerged after 9/11 is the politically volatile world with more terrorist activities taking place. Countries like Iraq and Pakistan have become breading grounds for terrorism where young individuals can easily be motivated to work as suicide bombers. Suicide terrorism is mostly related with the suicide attacks where attackers intend to create maximum damage and kill maximum number of people with the intention to kill him also. Between 1981 to 2006, 1200 suicide attacks took place which account for only 4% of the total attacks however, these attacks have been able to kill almost 32% of the people killed in all suicide attacks. (Hassan, What Motivates the Suicide Bombers?, 2009) During recent times, the overall ratio of suicide attacks has greatly increased in countries like Iraq, Srilanka, Israel and Pakistan. Increase in number of suicide attacks especially after 9/11 has been specifically linked with the involvement of US in the regions like Iraq and Afghanistan. The current debate on the suicide bombings suggest that it is used as a lethal weapon however the overall motivations behind conducting such attacks are always disputed. It is therefore important to understand what kind of people actually conducts such attacks. What kinds of People are engaged in Suicide bombing? It is critical to understand that demography plays an important role in determining the kind of persons to be involved in suicide bombings. It has been observed that most of the suicide bombers emerge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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