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An Overpopulation Crisis - Assignment Example

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In the paper “An Overpopulation Crisis” the author discusses an overpopulation crisis, which has been created due to the international past time of domesticating animals. Pet keeping institutions or individuals who are in favor of keeping pets should fulfill the responsibility with due diligence…
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An Overpopulation Crisis
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Extract of sample "An Overpopulation Crisis"

Download file to see previous pages Many of the basic necessities of these animals such as that of eating, drinking, and habitat is retained along with their basic needs and drives, but they are not able to live off themselves in the wild. The strongest desires of cats, dogs or birds are to be free, but this freedom is only confined to houses or even cages at most times. Therefore, it is necessary to provide pets with everything they want or expect. If they are kept housebound, then they should not be kept cage bound. These living creatures otherwise are supposed to free. Nobody has any legal right on them (Penalties increase for mistreating pets, 2006). Pets play an important role in everyone’s lives. Hence, it is essential to provide them with everything they need. A better quality of life should be provided in return to freedom, which is being taken away from them. Good nutrition, health, protection, safety, entertainment, and love as well. It should be realized that animals have rights too and that they cannot simply be abandoned once their responsibility is taken. Several cases regarding animal rights have been traced, in which people kill the animals, put them in ovens, microwaves, abandon them on streets or simply strangle them. People should realize that animals have feelings and they can think. Some of the animals are such that they are able to think to the same extent to which they can feel pain. Studies have also revealed that some of the animals have higher IQ levels than human beings. Therefore when the humans are accorded with rights, so should the animals be. Therefore, there shall be no discrimination. When we talk about rights based on intelligence, then the consideration which needs to be accounted is that a lot of human beings will also be deprived of these rights because then these rights will not be accorded to babies or the mentally challenged. Animals should be awarded rights on the fact that they respect the rights of human beings. Dogs are famous for creating a bond to the extent of love with human beings. Once this bond is created, the dogs make sure not to harm humans by biting or injuring them. The bond is strong to the extent, that the dogs might also prove to be a source of safety for human beings. Dolphins, guerilla’s and other several animals are famous for displaying such characteristics. Violence and barbarism in society are encouraged if cruelty to animals is shown. A society is considered civilized if it restricts animals and restrains base and violent instincts. There is a hefty amount of penalty which is imposed on people who abandon their pets. The person who has committed this crime is jailed for six months or is fined up to pounds 5000. This penalty is implied in Holyrood. However, different penalties are charged at different places. The person breaking the law should definitely be jailed. Moreover, when foreign turtles and reptiles are left near the water sources, they threaten wildlife, and the abandoned animals have to suffer. The pet rights authorities have claimed that the animal owners should treat the animals with love and affection, and discover some vacation lodging for their animals, instead of abandoning them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Overpopulation Crisis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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