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The Views of Handelman and Inglehart and Welzel about Developing Democracy - Essay Example

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The Views of Handelman and Inglehart and Welzel About Developing Democracy Introduction Self-governance is a term when an authority tends to develop in its own ruling the value of listening to the needs of its people and of giving them equal rights and freedom…
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The Views of Handelman and Inglehart and Welzel about Developing Democracy
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Extract of sample "The Views of Handelman and Inglehart and Welzel about Developing Democracy"

Download file to see previous pages 30) or simply an idea of acquiring all-people freedom. These authorities were identified by Handelman (2011) in categories as “electoral,” “liberal,” and “substantive” (p. 31); however, Inglehart and Welzel (2010) viewed them generally as an element that is acted upon the idea of gravity (p. 7), where anything that goes up must come down and make its freefall. Given such contrasting views, the main thrust of this paper is to compare the views of Howard Handelman of The Challenge of Third World Development against the perceptions of co-authors Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel in Robert Griffiths’ Annual Editions: Developing World 11/12 about “democracy” and its relationship and connection with “development.” The Authors’ Main Points According to Handelman (2011), overcoming terrors caused by some absolute ruler, who has nothing in mind but to conquer and prosper on his own yet by the help of his constituents, needs a huge deal of encouragement, influence, and inspiration. With the need to rise against cruel autocratic leaders and eventually succeed is considered to be a great victory, particularly for the “Third World” (p. 29). ...
ruling to be democracy-based; however, an unsure democracy-based ruling is possible when one of the factors and a contrasting circumstance that tends to oppose the sense of freedom are likely present in the ruling (p. 31). On the other side of thoughts, Inglehart and Welzel (2010) totally deny the idea that the desire to acquire this self-governing agenda in the ruling has already approached its extent. Even though they agreed that there were evidences showing its tendency for a rising-falling motion, for them, there is still a chance for this desire to approach higher than what it has already “reached.” Both were even firm in saying that there are still ways for this to happen but requires a force to get started. This force can bring such intensity to the desire that is simply inevitable in the expansion of such, but it has also shown unstable conduct like that of what the desire had been (p. 7). Between Economic Development and Democracy According to Griffiths (2010), the evolvement of national income is a sign that self-governing authorities are on their way to exercising an all-people freedom (p. 1). This summarizes the relationship between “economic development” and “democracy” since it adheres a thought that one is actually dependent on the other. A justification for this was even pointed out clearly by Inglehart and Welzel (2010) that since economy is not that stable, the very foundation of all-people freedom will also tend to be unstable (p. 7). It was pointed out by Handelman (2011) that improvements also tend to surface as an effect of such relationship, that these had promoted (p. 40) but was not a sure indicator (p. 41) of self-governance. Inglehart and Welzel (2010) claimed them as accompaniments but were firm that these do not regulate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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