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My Status in Society - Assignment Example

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ME: My Status in Society Your Name Date Class This paper is a partial fulfillment for the subject _, under Professor _. ME: My Status in Society I. Introduction Social status is basically someone’s position in a society or group. Status can also be a ranking in a society, and this ranking implies a certain lifestyle, duties, rights and prestige…
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My Status in Society
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Download file to see previous pages Achieved status, on the other hand, is acquired by a person through his own experiences, achievements, knowledge and skills. In these modern times, an occupation is usually the main determinant of one’s status, but an occupation can be either ascribed or achieved. II. Achieved Status and My Corresponding Roles as a Student The concept of Achieved Status is actually coined by Dr. Ralph Linton. It is a special position or rank in a society that a person acquires. It is based on merit, on a person’s degree of perseverance to achieve that status. It is chosen by a person, and then it is earned. It actually reflects the personality of a person as one’s occupation (the primary determinant of an achieved status) is determined by his skills, efforts and abilities. Determining one’s achieved status is crucial as it also defines the society’s expectations from a person, and also defines a person’s roles in a society. It comes with rights, duties, expected behavior and obligations. These things are expected from the people who are with statuses. These are expectations are actually called roles. For example, if you are a Catholic priest, then your roles would include holding masses, preaching and practicing the word of the God, keeping celibate and being dressed appropriately as a priest. I am a student right now. It is an achieved status as I earned this. I can choose not to be a student now, but with my own perseverance (and choice!), I am. My role as a student is not much, although the society dictates that I should be studious and I should respect rules, be it in school or not. The society expects students to be also intellectually preoccupied as that is what is usually done in school, thinking and exercising the mind. In order for me to achieve this status, I had to study most of my life, earning my grades. I had to persevere to get good grades, to get my levels up and graduate those levels in order for me to achieve my status right now. The skills needed for this status are learned, like reading skills and the lot. A student should also be disciplined so that learning would come easier and relaxed. My roles are that, limited to being a responsible member of the society. I am expected to be respectful, and obedient, and also a one that attends classes to make way for the bright future that I am encouraged by the society to achieve. I learned these roles from my family, friends and media, in that order. Since my family is the first set of people I have interacted, they are the ones who taught me the basics of living in a society. I have to respect people and do my duties as a person with such responsibilities. Then my friends, basically my peers who are in the same boat such as I. We do the same things and we are expected to do the same things together. In such cases, like they say, birds of the same feather flock together. I am thankful for my friends because we learn together, we guidance from social rules and the expectations of our families and the society as well. The media, especially popular media, can be highly influential as well. Of course, I have my family and friends that dictate and expect, but then popular media offers contrast and lets me compare if I am doing things correctly, as it is expected in our society. III. Ascribed Status I am a male. This is an ascribed status because I never chose to be male. I was born a male. With it come the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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