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Traditions in the US and Contemporary Society - Essay Example

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This paper “Traditions in the US and Contemporary Society” will discuss the traditions in the United States and the contemporary society in relation to the questions provided. The culture of the US was chiefly influenced by Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English settlers. …
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Traditions in the US and Contemporary Society
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Download file to see previous pages Also, religion was historically influenced vastly by governmental affairs. This history is related to Catholicism and Protestant schisms. Analysis shows that the early settlers in the United States comprised of religious motivations. Therefore, the relationship between religion and tradition is inevitable in the contemporary society (Perry & Perry, 2008). According to the contemporary world, religious aspects continually influence the traditions in the United States. The United States has been embattled with Muslim fanatics who oppose the Western values (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, 1999). In the recent world, the United States has profoundly been affected by Democratic ideologies (Perry & Perry, 2008). Moreover, there are non-Christian traditions that have been developing in the country. This reflects religious pluralism in the United States society. The religious pluralism in the United States is existent in the 1st amendment of the law in the country. This law relates to issues such as prayer in educational facilities, secessionist minorities, creationism and public display of religious symbols. The non-Christian forces are extremely powerful in the region. Research shows that the influence of the non-Christians amounts to over 50% of the overall population. This shows how the state is rapidly shunning away from the organized Christian traditions. Some people even claim that some of the national holidays celebrated in various countries are a result of non-Christian traditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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