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The Effect of Language on Thoughts - Essay Example

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The effect of language on thoughts Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date The effect of language on thoughts In society we have several things that influence people’s perception or thoughts towards something. The most common factors in society that require expertise to get attention are politics business and the social position or culture…
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The Effect of Language on Thoughts
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Download file to see previous pages It is with proper language that they are able to transform and shift the society’s focus towards them. Language also enables us to obtain suitable behaviors which help us establish proper social niches. It is with these social niches one is able to succeed in life and other social activities. For instance, individuals who speak Jewish and Korean are perceived as very intelligent. Apart from this assumption, it is true to stay that the levels of brightness in these countries is outstanding. Another factor used to influence the view of people’s thoughts is their professionalism. For example, people working in digital firms and bankers are said to very intelligent hence their thoughts may be well organized and outstanding (Bermudez, 2003). Considering these factors language does not play in the influencing people’s thoughts. However, language has a plays a major role in shaping one’s thoughts and culture. The type and form of language one speaks may have a great effect in his life in terms of behavior. According to Gentner (2004), children with no interest whatsoever to learn respectable and formal language, carry the ignorant behavior later on in their lives. Additionally, the language we speak says a lot about our culture and behavior. The culture and the way we behavior have is what shapes our thoughts. This is proof that language has a lot of weight in portraying an individual’s thoughts and behavior. Is it true that individuals with amazing vocabularies comprehend more? Do they understand much better? Does the knowledge of a language improve the thoughts of a person? Does the language someone speaks influence their thoughts altogether? If this is true it means that there is a more superior language than the other. This paper will provide answers to the above questions. The paper will also give examples of ways that language influences the field of advertising and politics. Generally the paper will answer the question that how much of an effect does language has on thought. It is usually moral upright to use good and correct language hen addressing issues in society. The way an individual advertises or addresses a crowd or an audience, is likely to influence the reaction of the crowd towards the topic of conversation (Nelson, 2009). For instance, stores dealing in adult DVDs avoid using the term pornography material since it would create a negative image on the store. This is proof that the society at large focus on the language an individual uses. Polite language from a business man or an entrepreneur will definitely create a good moral background for their business. This is proof that thought is greatly influenced by language (Bermudez, 2003). Apart from the enterprise language, people always tend to communicate with individuals with proper and moral correct language. The use of some languages on shops may differ from our culture of one’s understanding of morality. To influence the culture of consumers to like one’s shop, it is always advisable to use polite an d moral upright language in display and all forms of advertisement. A polite speaking individual creates a friendly thought about himself. An individual who speaks rudely and uses morally incorrect language tend to have poor social life. It is a norm for people in society to create friendships from thoughts towards other people (Gentner, 2004). Since once thoughts cannot be displayed by their physical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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