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Globalisation and Imperialism - Essay Example

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Globalisation and Imperialism: An Analysis of The New Imperialism by David Harvey Essay May 23, 2012 1890 words Name Name of University Introduction A new historical age was expected to arrive in the 1970s. This age has been illustrated in different ways. A number of theories have highlighted cultural transformations, whilst others emphasise economic changes, transformations in the financial and business world, or in marketing and production…
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Globalisation and Imperialism
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Download file to see previous pages The first section discusses the argument that imperialism is a part of the cycles of capitalism. The second section discusses ‘accumulation by dispossession’ as a permanent part of capitalism. The third section discusses how crucial is war to underpinning the theory of the new imperialism. The last part is a conclusive response to the entire analysis. Imperialism as a Part of the Cycles of Capitalism David Harvey describes the new imperialism in relation to two power logics: (1) capitalist logic of power, and (2) territorial logic of power. Harvey states that the former “operates in continuous space and time” 2 and sustains capitalistic operations via market processes; whilst the latter “operates in a territorialised and, at least in democracies, in a temporality dictated by an electoral cycle.”3 However, in the case of imperialism, so as to sustain one’s supremacy it should expand and strengthen its ‘territorial logic of power’ outside its boundaries, and reinforce political division of power. Thus, basically, the two power logics do not continuously operate automatically, but dialectically. Harvey argued that the theory of Marx suggested that capitalism could break free from its own contradictions or negations merely by means of ‘expansion’. Expansion was all together ‘geographical extension’ and ‘intensification’, even though the ideas of Marx did not envisage when, where, and how these processes would take place in given circumstances.4 As argued by Harvey, the capitalist and territorial mechanisms are distinct or independent, but interweave and it is the reality of the survival of capitalism, detached from the ultimate form of rational markets and ideal competition, that bring about imperialism: Imperialistic practices, from the perspective of capitalistic logic, are typically about exploiting the uneven geographical conditions under which capital accumulation occurs and also taking advantage of what I call the ‘asymmetries’ that inevitably arise out of spatial exchange relations... through unfair and unequal exchange, spatially articulated monopoly powers, extortionate practices attached to restricted capital flows and the extraction of monopoly rents.5 The expansion of capitalist trade globally is, in any case, not in itself unknown: in theory, capitalism is ‘expansionary and imperialistic.’6 The ideas of Harvey are informed about the latest aspects of globalising capital whilst emphasising its links with previous structures.7 For example, it is definitely the case that developments in transportation, communications, and information technologies have recreated the temporal and spatial experiences of numerous people. Accumulation by Dispossession David Harvey, in the neoliberal age, has proposed that primary types of destruction and dispossession have become integral to the perpetuation of political system. Harvey claims that accumulation by dispossession is a permanent part of capitalism by explaining that the purportedly primitive accumulation is actually unchanging and vital to the continuous capacity of capitalism to perpetuate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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