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We no Longer Live in a Society of Producers; We Live in a Society of Consumers - Essay Example

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We no longer live in a society of producers;
The world until the nineteenth century was the world of agriculture. Majority of the people were farmers during that period and agriculture was the major revenue source for them…
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We no Longer Live in a Society of Producers; We Live in a Society of Consumers
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Extract of sample "We no Longer Live in a Society of Producers; We Live in a Society of Consumers"

Download file to see previous pages However, development of science and technology and the subsequent development of industries have put an end to the domination of agriculture as the major revenue source for the human. The latter half of nineteenth century and the beginning of twentieth century marked were marked as the industrial revolutions period. Increase production at any cost was the major slogan for most of the industries in this period. Economists had asked factory owners to increase production as much as possible and reduce the cost or expenditure as low as possible during this period. Globalization, liberalization, and privatization like modern principles entered the world during the latter part of twentieth century. Because of these revolutionary principles, the concept of business and trade has been changed a lot. Earlier, it was not easy for the product manufacturers to export the surplus goods. However, globalization helped them to find overseas markets for the surplus goods being produced. Moreover, globalization helped them to exploit cheap labour available in overseas countries for manufacturing goods and commodities. In short, increased access of overseas market and labour force helped organizations to overcome many of the production or business problems they faced in the past. Production is not at all a problem for the organizations at present. However, marketing seems to be the most difficult problem for them now. In other words, finding consumers for the products and commodities is the biggest problem facing by the companies at present. So, all the organizations are currently more focussed on finding consumers with the help of attractive advertisements and sales promotion techniques. They are successful in their attempt to make a consumer world. “We no longer live in a society of producers; we live in a society of consumers”. Transformation of the society from production to consumerism According to Bauman (1998), “Consumerism is the social analogue to the psychopathology of depression with its twin clashing symptoms of enervation and inability to sleep”(Bauman, 1998, p.94). Psychopathy is a personality or mental disorder. In Bauman’s opinion, consumerism and psychopathy are closely related. In other words, plenty of people are currently buying goods not for fulfilling their physical requirements, but for fulfilling their mental requirements. There are plenty of people in the world who purchase goods just for keeping their social status. For example, the entry of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy forced many people to buy it even though they do not have the necessary skills to operate them. Current consumers compare the goods in the hands of friends, relatives and neighbours with the goods in their own hands. Once they see some of their relatives or friends using an attractive and expensive commodity, they may try to purchase it even if they may not get any utility out of that commodity. Thus, the buying habits of the current people have changed a lot. Status seems to be the major motivation for the current consumers rather than utility while they purchase something. During the past two decades, rhetoric about the free market has cloaked changes in America’s economy that bears little relation to real competition and freedom of choice. From airline industry to the publishing businesses, from the railroads to telecommunications, American corporations have worked hard to avoid the rigors of the markets by elimination and absorbing their rivals. The Internet at the heart of today’s “New economy” created in the late 1970’s (Schlosser, 2005, p.260) As in the case of many other things, Americans are believed to be the major culprit in causing sudden changes in the society. Many people believe that current society changed from a production ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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