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The Lack of Relationships Between the Members of the Society - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes different social rules in different societies like a deviant act might be permitted in a particular culture but prohibited in the other. However, some faiths and beliefs in cultures like homosexuality can give rise to negative reactions…
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The Lack of Relationships Between the Members of the Society
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Download file to see previous pages There are many types of social deviance; however, according to the case given, three kinds of social deviance may have some relation with the situation given. The social deviances are considered as the crimes that are Consensus crimes, conflict crimes and social deviations. Consensus crimes are such crimes that can be potentially damaging for society. Such crimes demand may have little impact at the time of occurrence but could give birth to bigger crime. Consensus crimes have to include homicide, sexual assault, theft, incent, robbery and paedophilia. Conflict crimes are such crimes which are considered as crimes by a part of society and the other part of the society considers these crimes as the social right of a person. Conflict crime includes Drug Law, abortion law, euthanasia, alcohol, gambling, prostitution, etc. Different societies have a different view about the legalization of the conflict crimes, as some cultures permit such crimes or some of them and some bans all of the conflict crimes. Social deviations might have the utilization in depicting a person and his social responses but they cause little or sometimes no impact to the society and only a little response towards the crime can provide a solution. The social deviations may include a way of dressing, utilization of language, hairstyle and music. For this particular case, the theory of Control/ General theory of crime/ Control balance or Power control presented by Hirschi, Reckless, Gottfredson and Hagan. The theory explains that the major cause of the crime is the absence or sometimes the presence of a control. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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