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Social Divisions and Class Divisions in New York - Essay Example

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Social class depicts diversities of individuals in relation to the resource they have access to depending on several factors that include but not limited to wealth power and prestige. These differences can be based on one exclusive factor or a combination of many of them depending on who one chooses to compare with whom. …
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Social Divisions and Class Divisions in New York
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Download file to see previous pages The social stratifications of modern day are chiefly based on the great disparities in resources, and this is made possible by the diverse wants and resources man has access to in modern day. However, the early man was short on this and the only thing they had were basic needs like food and a few tools. As such, wealth or lack of thereof would not have been a relevant criterion for social divisions. The social structure underwent a paradigm shift when in the wake of the agrarian revolution, the lifestyle became more complicated, and several variables came into play. The concept of wealth and ownership of property was first evidence of the social inequalities that began to emerge as some people begun to produce more on their land than others do. They would have a surplus that resulted to their engaging in the first economic activities. Furthermore, there was now a class consisting of a few people who owned the most productive land and the rest were compelled to provide labor to survive in the new conditions. The inequalities became glaring with the onset of the industrial revolution when the society became irrevocably divided between those who had the means, who had the skills and ultimately who could through possession of any or either of the two afford to live a better life than the rest. Social structure and societal divisions are means by which societies are divided either systematically by social forces by the individuals own actions. These divisions occur in three levels namely, macro, measo and micro. Micro has to do with the societies social economic positions and division are the way societies or individuals are divided in the society systematically either by forces in the society itself or the action of the individual. It mainly occurs in three different levels; the macro scale that is determined by the socioeconomic situation of the society as a whole, the measo scale relating to the individual’s relation to social institutions and on the micro scale, based on the actions and behaviors of the individual in a given social structure. Social Stratification by Karl Marx In an attempt to explain social class and social stratification, Karl Marx divided society into two main groups; the bourgeoisie that consisted of the rich who controlled most of resources and the lower class which he dubbed the proletariat. Then in his summation, Karl held that in the upper class is being those who are in possession of the major factors of production such as machinery and human and material capital. He believed that the rich exploited the poor to maintain the status quo and have them remain poor for continued service at minimum wages while at the same time helping ensure the rich remain so. This is because the latter would work long hours a day, maximizing their bosses’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Divisions and Class Divisions in New York Essay.
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