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This essay describes the characteristics of a well-rounded person, creates a survey based on the characteristics, tabulate the responses and gives out an opinion regarding a well-rounded person. Character traits are responsible for distinguishing whether one is a well-rounded individual. …
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Characteristics of A Well Rounded Person
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 Individuals have for centuries searched for a common and precise meaning of a well rounded person without much success. Philosophers have put various theories in place to explain what a well rounded person posses. This paper describes the characteristics of a well rounded person, creates a survey based on the characteristics, tabulate the responses and gives out an opinion regarding a well rounded person.
Character traits are responsible for distinguishing whether one is a well rounded individual. Well rounded individual ought to be physically upright and free from ailments. Secondly, he or she should be mentally rounded. The person should not be of unsound mind or negative thoughts. Lastly, well rounded persons should be emotionally stable meaning that he or she should be able to control their emotional feelings and detach them from their daily activities in the society (Torrance, 2002, p.75).
The characteristics of well rounded persons according to the excerpt from the courtier are that they ought to be intellectuals. This implies that individuals must be able to distinguish well from evil. They should be capable to easily complete duty and should also be first in comprehending things. They should be individuals who are embraced to modernity and are modernized. There are diverse conducts of determining a place or a person’s modernity. The political, economic and even social structure of a place will determine the level of modernity in a person. Well rounded persons should easily comprehend the changes happening around them. They should be knowledgeable. They should have the basic education to allow them to foster happiness and peace. Well rounded individuals should also be in a position to take and give back to the economy. This means that well rounded persons should indulge in economic activities within their locale. Lastly, they should strive to excel in all sectors of life and adapt to being dynamic in nature. The dynamic nature makes available an opportunity into other segments in case of changes (Mcvlntosh & Munoz, 2009, p.69).
A survey can be described to be a technique that individuals use in gathering in sequence. Polls are just methods that individuals use in summarising the obtained information for various uses like analysing of happenings or activities. A survey and a poll can be conducted based on the characteristics of a well rounded man in reference to the excerpt from The Courtier as follows. A home based interview was done using ten individuals to validate whether the in sequence collected were substantial. The survey was useful because it was comparatively cheaper evaluated to other forms of collecting information from the public. Eighty percent of the individuals polled were in agreement with the gathered facts during the home based interview. They argued that the characteristics were typical of those of a gentle man or lady in the society (Spielvogel, 2011, p.341).
The characteristics of a well rounded person can easily be tabulated to explain the role gender, vocation and age has on the well roundedness of a person.
Gender also plays a key responsibility in causal to the physical fitness of a person. The mannish sexes are stronger than their equals the ladies. Strength is a determinant to well roundedness of a person.
When a person is strong he or she has all the potentials to work and achieve, thus is categorised to be a well rounded person. Masculine and feminine sexes are considered to have the will and power to change the happenings around them. This makes them be complete human beings in the society.
Age plays a vital role in the growth of a well-rounded individual. An increase in age leads to an increase in the psychological retardation that is associated with old age.
A person who is mentally unfit can not be well thought-out to be well rounded. Old age does not allow individuals do accurate exercises for the body; thus they have poor aerobic activities making them not to be physically fit.
Vocations are crucial in determining the well roundedness of an individual. An example is that the work ethics pay in an institution will determine whether an employee depicts the characteristic that brands him or her to be well rounded.
The deductions and benefits present in ones vocation immensely influences ones characteristics within and outside the institution.
In my opinion, Castiglione characteristics expressed in the excerpt are true. This is because well rounded persons should be individuals who are physically fit, since they are expected to perform a certain task within the society or even at the work place. I deem that well rounded persons should manage their sensations. They should not allow obstructions to cloud their judgement in any situation (Mcvlntosh & Munoz, 2009).
Conclusively, a well rounded person is an individual who has all the characteristics to be an ideal renaissance man according to the excerpt from the courtier. He or she is an individual who is stable and fit in all aspects of life. The excerpt description of a well rounded person is that he or she should be physically, mentally and psychologically stable.
Mcvlntosh, H and Munoz, M.A, (2009). Predicting Civic Engagement In Urban High School Students. Circle. Retrieved on May 22, 2012 from Spielvogel, Jackson J. (2011). Western Civilization: 1300 to 1815. Wadsworth Pub Co.v. Retrieved on May 22, 2012 from Torrance, E. P. (2002). The manifesto: A guide to developing a creative career. Westport, Conn. [u.a.: Ablex Publishing. Retrieved on May 22, 2012 from Read More
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