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Education: Indentify agancies of Socialization, Signifying Other Reference Group or Factor that Influenced You to Adopt This Par - Essay Example


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Education: Indentify agancies of Socialization, Signifying Other Reference Group or Factor that Influenced You to Adopt This Par

Social experts define social interaction as a progression where persons inherit the norms, customs and traditions and ideologies adopted by the society where they live (Freese & Burke, 1991). This paper will explain the value of education and its significant contribution to the process of socialization. Education is perceived as the most effective respond to reduce poverty (Global Partnership for Education, 2012). Experts posit that this does not only engaged a child to learn and develop comprehension or analytical skills but is considered as an opportunity for social interaction toward the creation of sustainable economy (GPE, 2012). It helped increased their knowledge about the need to improve health or about the importance of transparency for good governance. Sociologists contend that education encourage more social interactions to engender a society that is working for gender equality, mitigating impacts for climate change and about reducing poverty (GPE, 2012, p. 1). Education is therefore valued highly, hence, constitutionally upheld among nations as a basic right of every citizen. It is a significant tool for communication and the utilization of language to inculcate proper behaviors as persons integrated in the mainstream and involved constantly in developmental activities as agents for socialization (Wertsch, 1979). Socialization is indeed necessary for persons to adopt on acceptable customs, norms, symbols, languages, behavior, and social skills. As society progress into a more

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complex state, a person is more challenged to shape one’s behavior in accordance to the inspirations derived from agents of society. The latter refers to the task of persons and institutions, as agents of socialization, to inculcate the values of social order to every person. This means that persons are molded in the process of transferring behaviors, social rules, norms, expectations, and values that are advocated by agents. Who and what are the agents for socialization? Sociologists infer that parents, peers, social institutions e.g. schools and religious institutions involved in the efforts of integrating a person to society are agents of socialization. They argued that family, educational institutions, community, social culture, and friends are major stakeholders for person’s socialization. Other agents for social interaction are mass media, gender realities and workplaces. Experts divided these agents of change as primary and secondary agents. The former refers to agents of socialization that are close or immediate to an individual. These are family and friends. The family helps shape the person’s perspective of the world and social realities. This is where the basic lessons on religions and politics are derived. Parents are therefore considered as the strongest responsible agents for the social developments of a child. Sociologist and social workers shared purview that families and friends shape human behavior and individual’s life (Wertsch, 1979). The secondary agents refer to institutions that aided individual to locate his right or proper place within the community by motivating a child or person to improve their social skills so that they will be integrated to the society accordingly (Wertsch, 1979). In the course of socialization, a person will come to understand the causes and reasons about social classes and its impact to the person and society. Some of these may inspire a person to adopt a life-changing change his beliefs and


Professor Topic: Choose a value (e.g. education, friendship, keeping-fit etc.) with related norms that are important to you; identify agencies of socialization, signifying other reference group or factor that influenced you to adopt this particular value…
Author : reingerelouise
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Education: Indentify agancies of Socialization, Signifying Other Reference Group or Factor that Influenced You to Adopt This Par
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