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How Can Prejudice Create a Split Label Market - Essay Example

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How Can Prejudice Create A Split Labour Market? Equality has been proposed as one of the indicators of the free or developed world. However, the world is still miles away from achieving the status of equality. Race, social class, and genders have been some of the factor that contributes prejudice in the labour market…
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How Can Prejudice Create a Split Label Market
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Download file to see previous pages Different careers and professions are split between people of certain ethnicity, race, or gender (Bonacich 123). The police force for example has remained to be as male profession despite the numerous campaigns that are aimed at encouraging women to join the police force. This essay will therefore, explore how prejudice can create a split in the labour market. There are several reasons why prejudice can create a split in the labour market. The employer or the preference of employees is the basis of split in the labour market based on prejudice. The free market policy indicates that the market forces are governed by the principles of economics. In such cases, employers seek to minimize their expenditure on labour and other inputs. It is evident that most if not all employers prefer to have a cheap labour force that is docile. This indicates that employers will prefer employing people from certain societies, races, or ethnicity due to their perceived perception of availability of cheap labour. Division among society or members of a certain society determines their financial equipment and this contribute prejudice in the labour market. It is evident that women have fewer responsibilities than men do. This makes them accept or take lower wages compared to those that their men counterparts doing the same jobs can take. It is also natural for women to underestimate themselves while men overestimate themselves. This factor has also contributed to the split of the labour market among men and women. In such cases, employers prefer female employees since they are ready to accept low wages or salaries compared to their male counterparts under similar conditions (Bonacich 123). Laws of economics also demands that, businesses should have smaller inputs and bigger outputs in order to enjoy the benefits of economy. This indicates that employers will wish to have few employees who can deliver instead of having a large numbers of employees who cannot deliver. Employers will also consider having a team of employees who are ready to work for extra hours. This factor has also introduced class divisions in the labour market. Majority of the employers prefer hiring people from low-income society since they can cope with low wages and high work pressure. People from high-class societies are unable to cope with low wages due to the nature of their lifestyles. The demanding lifestyles of high-income societies also make them to be selective of employers based on the expected pay packages (Bonacich 133). Being over selective makes high-class people to shy away from certain careers or employers. Civil service jobs are the most affected by such selections since people consider them as lowly paid jobs. Prejudice can therefore stem from within a society or from outside a society. Factory jobs are also categorized as low pay jobs and hence they do not attract people from high-income societies. Gender differences are not only biological differences or characteristics but they also affect the role played by each of the genders in our societies. It is evident that people from certain genders play certain roles better than people from the other gender can play. Men are known to perform better in roles that are demanding in terms of muscular strength. On the other hand, women perform better on tasks that require following of instructions while men perform better on duties that require thinking beyond the given instructions or guidelines. The ability of men ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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