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Outline and Assess Karl Marx's Argument that Contradictions of Capitalism will Eventually Lead to the Destruction of this Social Formation - Essay Example

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This study seeks to explore the arguments of Karl Marx on capitalism, its features, and the evils associated with this form of society. The study will analyze the relationships between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat in a capitalistic society. …
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Outline and Assess Karl Marxs Argument that Contradictions of Capitalism will Eventually Lead to the Destruction of this Social Formation
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Extract of sample "Outline and Assess Karl Marx's Argument that Contradictions of Capitalism will Eventually Lead to the Destruction of this Social Formation"

Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that Karl Marx believed that prolonged capitalism breeds two key outcomes, which define this social formation. First, capitalism that has existed for long; it leads to the formation of a smaller as well as wealthier social class, which comprises of the capitalists. The increasing wealth in the society continually accrues in this social class, which has the ultimate say in the control of the wealth. Capitalists who may be weak tend to enter in the lower classes of laborers. Secondly, Karl Marx argued that prolonged capitalism leads to the alienation of the employees (workers). Marx held that workers produce significant wealth; therefore, they tend to become weak to the extent that they may become commodities.
This paper stresses that Karl Marx argued that this social system eventually eliminates itself. According to Marx, overproduction leads to a fall in profits, economic crisis and widespread exploitation of the workers. Consequently, the workers become intolerable of the prevailing exploitative conditions in a capitalistic society. Eventually, this leads to a revolt from the working class who strive towards fighting for their basic rights. A new social order comes into being; in this social order, class differences tend to disappear as property and the means of production becomes socialized. Marx held that the success of capitalism leads to its own destruction since the social formation allows for the education of a high number of persons. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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