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Marxist theory - Essay Example

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Marxist theory Name Tutor Course College Date Marxist theory is defined as a sociological theory that recognizes economic factors as the primary determinant of social structure and change. Capitalism is an economic system that is inherently prone to crisis…
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Marxist theory
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"Marxist theory"

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He believes that the existence of poverty and inequality only is not what may turn the employees against the capitalist system. This capital crisis has been a major problem in almost among the daily human workings. Of greater ideological and social impact the instability, ruin and insecurity that periodically inflicted on the working- class people’s lives by the economic crises (Blackledge, 2006pp. 84). This theory states that capital crises have a large impact on the capitalists’ fortunes as well. The saying, ‘operating the union of the capitalist class’ is broken up and led to all- out fight for survival between capitalists themselves and the capital against the working class. Due to this, political instability, an intensification of the class struggle, war and ideological confusion among the ruling class may come around as a result of the capitalism crises. In that case, Marx argues that capital crisis is the most frightful devastation and like an earthquake, it causes bourgeois society to shake to the very foundations. Out of the capitalist crises there is an emerging of the revolutionally change. This is not guaranteed but it comes about in the hands of the working class. Most of the cases, the people found in the lower classes do not look forward living in their old ways (Cohen, 2000 pp.75). Additionally, the capitalism crises persistence makes the revolutionary change possible and an urgent necessity. ...
Conversely, he agues that the capitalism which is prone to crisis brings about the need to socialism. It does not only abolish inequality and poverty but it eliminates the recurrent economic and social disasters that are endemic to the capitalist system (Dougherty & Pfaltzgraff, 2001 pp. 85). Many people have argued differently concerning the capitalism. For instance, Adam said that the free market and the capitalism were caused by the propensity in human nature in order to truck the barter exchange. Conversely, Lionel Robbins argued that capitalism consist of an interdependent series which is in the relationship with the men and economic goods. They both viewed the economic relationships as the relationship between the people and the products. On the other hand, Marx went in to their contrast and argues in capital as the relation between capital and labour wage. He said that the two determines the whole character of the production mode of the capitalist. He was aiming at studying the process of exchange which clearly tells the under surface happenings. He stated that if the rules and the mechanisms are focused only, the economists will claim that everybody participated as equal whether one was rich or was poor (Eubank, 2011 pp. 94). The Marx’s method Conversely, he argued that by analysing the production sphere the relation between the capital and the wage-labour is able to expose the hidden class contradictions in the system. These contradictions are the ones that are likely to be ignored by the capitalist economists. Additionally, Marx also views capitalist relation as the natural order of things that is rooted from the propensity of the human nature where he supported Adam smith. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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